EVE music settings

EVE has music!

Hello there capsuleers. EVE has great music, just turn it on a have some nostalgia burst right into your feels.

I do play with music on but it feels bad in some cases. For example, turniing ‘use combat music’ OFF doesnt stop combat music from playing: acceleration gates still trigger it. Moreover, some combat tracks are horrible (“Remember back when I said yo?”, plz, i dont want to remember!) and doesnt fit in EVE atmosphere.

And this is known issue, you can google some topics from previews years:

  1. Am I misunderstanding 'use combat music' setting? - EVE New Citizens Q&A - EVE Online Forums
  2. annoying combat music :: EVE Online General Discussions

I studied history of eve music a little bit and it turned out EVE has its own jukebox music player, but for some reason it war removed. I suggest to bring it back and fix some issues like combat music bug.


I use this: EVE Jukebox

A damn shame they culled it back in the day… I miss my jukebox!

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