No combat music

I kept the “use classic EVE music instead of dynamic” setting for a while, but now I’ve been using the default settings (dynamic music, use combat one) but the combat music never triggers, and I’m thinking maybe the dynamic music neither.

I already reseted my cache and settings on a brand new install, this problem continues.

Anyone got a possible solve?

I’ve tried to find a solution around the web, but it seems the combat music was hated and thus is no longer available or playing when at combat.

Is there no way at all to listen to the combat music when at combat anymore? There’s even a check option for it.

There is definitely still combat music, although yesterday I had the same issue when doing a lvl4 mission. The music just didn’t play in when I arrived, so it was eerily silent. It did trigger once I used a jumpgate in the mission to go to the next room, so who knows what happened.

Is it possible than the music either changed into something new, more silent, less noisy?

I’ve looked into the EVE combat music in the web and there are like 20 new tracks that can easily confused with normal dynamic music.

Maybe the “rock” combat music got out the list or has a really low chance to sound?

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