Audio configuration: Something basic I don't understand or a bug?

I’m asking in this group because this might be an incredibly dumb question with a simple answer.

What I’m trying to accomplish:

I don’t want the background music to switch when I activate mission acceleration gates, such as the entry gates to burner missions, the gate on Recon 3 of 3, the various gates in Angel Extravaganza, etc.

Now, you’d THINK there are two audio configuration options that could accomplish this: 1) Make sure “Override dynamic music with Classic EVE Music” is checked, and 2) Ensure ‘Use combat music’ is UNchecked.

I have done both of these. In fact, I have tried all 4 permutations of having these two check-boxes toggled on / off.

So I have a few questions for folks in the know and/or CCP:

  • What exactly does “Override dynamic music with Classic EVE Music” do when enabled vs disabled?
  • What exactly does ‘Use combat music’ do when enabled vs. disabled?
  • How do I ensure that no event (gate activation, etc.) interrupts and changes the current music track?
  • If others find the same behavior (i.e. the checkboxes not doing what their descriptions seem to imply), should I file a bug?

Right now I have to resort to completely turning off audio, then turning it back on (hence allowing the music to reset to the nice calm tracks I’ve come to know and love), and having to deal with the UI hiccup that occurs when re-enabling audio. And as burner-runners well know, those missions aren’t a great idea to be introducing any kind of lag into the gameplay. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!!

Honestly, we don’t know, because we usually don’t bother with the music. You’ll hear people express this by replying “EVE has sound?”

In theory, “classic EVE music” was a number of eerie instrumental tracks that would just loop continuously, regardless of what you were doing in game. At one point in the past we even had a little music player where we could choose to listen to all tracks or only a subset of them. At some other point in the past we even had an mpeg player where we could queue up our own music from in-game. They’ve been removed, in favor of the “dynamic” music which is supposed to fade in and fade out the faster beats when you’re in combat vs. the more relaxing beats when you’re mining.

So it should work the way you expect, but most of us turn the Music volume down to 0 and don’t bother with EVE’s music at all. We simply alt-tab out of the game and put our own playlists in Windows, or tune to Pandora or whatever.

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Yup, I buy that. I subbed in 2007, so I remember when we had control over the playlists. Thanks for your thoughts.

Eve has music ?

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