Is there any way to change the background music to something better?

It would be nice to be able to load some music into a folder and have that play, instead of the horrible music that usually plays. Is that possible?

Most of the time, it sounds as if some dev gave their kid an old 90’s Casio and the kid can’t keep his finger off the volume slider…and thought, hmm…that’s a good tune to make the player listen to for hours on end.


Yeah, that tune…I hate it. I already turned the music volume down to zero and play my stereo, but it would be nice if I could load music into the game.

Travelling: Classical or some nice flying tune
Battle: AC/DC or some White Zombie
Mining: I don’t know…90’s alternative/grunge

ANYTHING other than the GOD…AWFUL soundtrack that exists now. It’s almost 2020 guys…why is this not a thing?

eve has sound ?


You can turn off the background music in settings and play anything you want.


I have a feeling you might not appreciate it, though…


it’s 2019 and there are still people who think reminding you of the current year is a compelling argument. :woman_shrugging:


The music is part of what makes EVE for me. Jon Hallur got it absolutely spot on. Occasionally I might play something else to switch it up, but the soundtrack is so iconic for me that I’m still happy to listen to it after all these years. Ever been chilling in an asteroid field, or warping past the rings of a planet, and Safe Trade Routes starts playing? Goosebumps man.


How could you like something the OP doesn’t like?

It’s almost 2020, consider yourself cancelled.


You can play any music you want because it’s a PC, and you can run applications at the same time as Eve. There you go, problem solved. Aren’t I a smart cookie? Solving problems up in here.




Just set this to 0 and play your own music in the background then.

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Just open a YouTube window before you log in and select some music to play. I prefer “space music” as a category, hundreds of 1 hour+ entries to select from.

I do agree that the current music EVE offers is stale and in need of a good DJ. Fat chance that will happen, though.

heard you on Discord playing admit it

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