Below the Asteroids song?

Hello all,

I love the new EVE’s dynamic music system. Also like how the music dives towards a darker, atmospheric style in low and null security.

Just wondering if a song called Below the Asteroids is still in game ? It was my favorite one, I’m guessing it should be in high security but I haven’t heard it yet.

Thank you.

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Yes. Unfortunately, the Jukebox is removed, so you can’t hear it on demand in-game.

The only way I’ve been able to hear it is to override the dynamic music with classic eve music and then wait a long time.


Alternatively, mute Eve and listen to it on YouTube:

Another alternative, you can download the song yourself, for free, but I believe the license governing your use of the music is under the “Eve Online Content Creation Terms Of Use” one (which is pretty liberal):

I think you could instead get the music from the public media library from CCP Games, but the dropbox link on that page is still broken (FYI @CCP_Swift ): Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life

Other ways to enjoy Below The Asteroids…

Go above the asteroids instead:




Don’t forget the incredible symphonic rendition (skip to 16:22 for the actual concerto, 25:45 for Below the Asteroids):


If you’d like the experience of the old Jukebox, it was recreated by Ashy on her website. It not only contains every in game music, but also login and cinematic themes, orchestral versions, Permaband and just about anything else closely connected with Eve.

Enjoy !


Its also on spotify

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Good to know you can have the ‘Classic EVE music’ back ! It’s a shame you have to override the dynamic music, but it’s better than nothing. Guess I’ll be switching back and forth between the two options :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, appreciate all the answers.

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Listening frequently, you can find all the soundtracks you love at Soundcloud on CCPGames account :notes::pirate_flag:

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