Characters Loadup Screen Music & General EVE Tunes


I just wanted to congratulate the artists who came up with the music for the Characters Loadup Screen.

When I fire up the account from the client and am presented with that screen to choose which personage to play on I just can’t click off it until the music recycles several times! I turn up the volume and enjoy it full blast!
That may sound wierd to some people but it’s ok, I’m a wierdo and proud to be.
That specific piece of music is simply AWESOME!
It transports me to a place I just can’t describe with words.


On a more general note, and to get a discussion going…

Do you like EVE music?

Which tune do you like in the game and which one annoys you?

I don’t like the music for the battles, it’s too busy.
There are many different pieces of music in the game and I like most of them. Very futuristic sounding and it supports the whole atmosphere of the game.

Thank you for your comments!

PS: I found a EVE “jukebox” on YouTube but it didn’t have that music I’m talking about above.
I did find another tune that I also like very much and it’s titled Below the Asteroids:


Below the asteroids is a favourite!

I usually play with ingame sounds on, and it’s always nice to visit another part of space and hear some new songs. Adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game! :grin:

In the EVE soundcloud there were some tracks that I really liked, but don’t remember their names and can’t find them for now…


The login screen music for Apocrypha was excellent too


Are you aware there used to be a Jukebox built into the EVE client that allowed you to pick your songs to listen to (including Below the Asteroids).

They removed it some years ago, sadly.

It was something you could access in the Captains Quarters too (also removed in 2017) - you could stand in your Quarters looking out towards yourr Ship Hangar with your currently active ship proudly on display in the background and play with the Jukebox.

It’s been recreated, fully functioning, here:

(that’s exactly how it used to be in game).



Why?? :cry:


I’m not sure if I joined after the jukebox was removed (I did get to use the Captains quarters before I too decided it was pretty and pretty useless), but I don’t really miss the jukebox.

After all, why should CCP put unnecessary effort in maintaining something that soundcloud and alternatives are much better at?

I just listened to it. Nice!

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I think the official excuse for the removal of both the Jukebox and the Captains Quarters was the same, lack of resources / time needed to maintain, update and improve together with a perceived lack of value / popularity among the players (which I would dispute)


Totally disappointing !

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I know right.

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I can’t find that music from the Characters Loadup Sceen on YouTube.
If I only had the title :expressionless:

I like that you like it, so I Liked your post for liking it.

The only song I remember is Miner Stories.

Iirc the first song everyone got to hear back then?

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I liked your post for liking my post for liking it, lol

Interesting piece of music. I hear it often when I’m docked and trying to decide which module to buy at the market.

Well, the first music anyone gets to hear is the piece at the Character screen I talk about in the original post.

Hopefully someone will have a title for it soon.

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Asking it as a question in the thread’s name might help.

Otherwise this is actually also what ISDs are there for.
And if they aren’t. they can’t just ban me for telling you to bother them! :smiley:
(but they probably have a stockpile of other reasons for banning me :grin:)

Alternatively … ask one of the CCP devs directly, on twitter.
The odds of you getting an answer increase dramatically.

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The Jukebox was removed in the Retribution patch (December 2012). CCP then published their in-game music on SoundCloud.


The name of that piece of music you’re looking for is: The Luminous Eye

You’re welcome.

And good luck finding it on YouTube. I don’t think it exists as its own video. I found it here:

I couldn’t post it earlier cause I got a 24-hour ban for being stupid and arguin with idiots. Good thing it was temporary… Not the ban, my stupidity, lol.

Have fun.


:open_mouth: OMG! That’s it!!! I’ve been looking for it for days!
You’re AWESOME ! I LOVE YOU! :heartpulse: Thank you so much!

I can listen to this piece of music all day long ( wierdo, lol ) I love how all the instruments hit all the right notes and tones at the right moment, the violons, the synthesizer, snares and cimbals, the xylophone… Just amazing!

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Yes but is it possible to listen to the online jukebox and still hear the game effects for when someone warps in my area of space or the different alarms and all that good stuff ?


Turn on ingame sounds.
Turn off ingame music.
Turn on online jukebox/soundcloud/youtube.
Enjoy EVE music of your choice while also hearing important sounds!


Thank you! I shall do just that o7