EVE jukebox is back as browser EVE jukebox!

I just found out that EVE jukebox has been brought back as browser version. All EVE music is included with this browser EVE jukebox. Thank you whoever made this reality!

You can even find permaband music with this.


Seems Redesigning Audio in Hangars just got the MUTE button applied by many thousands of players.

Just another example of players understanding Eve better than those paid to do development for it…

Hint for Devs - Listen to players.,.


Nice, thanks for posting it.

Bookmarked site for future use.


I just noticed handy way of using this new jukebox. If you load jukebox to smart phone and Chrome browser you can use your smart phone to play EVE music in background and still use your smart phone to do other stuff.


It’s on my speed dial now, really appreciate you guys. One of the things that bothered my about Eve’s sound was that it would play two different songs if I had two clients open. At some point, I stopped playing with the volume sliders and now I play eve with no music. But, no longer!

Thanks again!

Edit: Why is the old neocom better than the new neocom?


My guess is that the old neocom had colour, making icons easier to identify at a glance.

BTW, thanks to OP for the link!


Nobody needs this nor asked for that…was good the jukebox died and has to stay this way…

Same goes to the ingame browser…was crap and died out for a reason…

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Seeing this statement from you makes me agree with all those who say you’re an asshat.


Adding to your extensive body of forum-spew showing you and your former forum-posting toon Balos - and I use “toon” rather than the proper term “character” quite purposefully in this case - are long-term trolling hard.


I think people did ask for it. Over and over again. Perhaps you have reading comprehension problems?


I’m right with what i said and have nothing to add to it…

Guys we have 2019…we don’t need ccp to waste resources for 2004 crap like this…there is enough ram on every computer to use alternatives…

We HAVE the technology so use it grandpas…:stuck_out_tongue:

Case closed…

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Maybe but that does not exclude me from beeing right…I see those things and KNOW what is to say about it and i say it and yes…i don’t need to make friends by simply agreeing to the mainstream of it all…

I can live with it…

I typically listen to bluegrass music on Pandora anyway, have had station sounds muted forever.
After 17 years in an iron foundry I don’t want to hear it in the station.
It’s awesome the way the player base takes up the ever growing loop of slack CCP devs accept as a job well done, everyone gets a participation award I guess.
I’ll give it a listen OP thanks.

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Well, in my opinion you’re not right.

I used the in-game Browser a lot due to having the game playing in full screen. It was great for getting info from the Internet without having to go out of game. Since CCP removed the Browser, I play in Windowed Mode now and whenever I log in, I now have to click / expand the game window to fill the entire screen and then go out of game when searching for internet info.

Back when the Jukebox was active, I used it about half of the time and had it playing select songs that I wanted to hear.

Since CCP removed the Jukebox, everybody is now stuck with the selection of songs that CCP thinks we want to hear.

Bottom line - our freedom of choice was removed when CCP implemented those changes.


Ever heard of a new windows feature called alt-tab? :slight_smile:

Is live since win 3.1 i guess :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I use that a lot for switching between characters on different accounts.

Still doesn’t negate the fact that players now have to go out of game to access internet info when before they could easily access it through the in-game browser.

Anyway, just exactly what’s your problem with the Jukebox? Guess you like having somebody at CCP dictate what songs you get to hear in-game.



Is it unconscionable to move 2 fingers today?

And i have no problem with the juke box…it’s just a waste of resources,unnecessary and so 2004…

Nobody needs it today…

Just another retro try of some because all was soooo much better in the past…

Little hint : it was not…

Just as I thought, you like having somebody at CCP dictate what songs you get to hear in-game.


Eve has sound?