RIP Jukebox

I recently visited the game after being away for a decade or so. Apparently the devs removed the jukebox. I felt like posting my opinion on it as an original alpha tester and previously long time player of the game.

The jukebox and the iconic music it used to have, as well as the ability to modify the playlist with personal music was one of main features that always drew me back into the game. The rich scifi ambient music combined with the cool UI EVE has, was always very relaxing for me on the weekends.

Now without the jukebox, the removal of Captain’s Quarters, and most of my already learned skills being disabled because I’m not a Omega member is a major bummer and makes me less interested in sticking around.

CCP has definitely made Elite Dangerous look a better alternative to spend my money on.

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As there was no alpha/omega a decade ago, I’m not sure what your griping about. Back then you had to sub to have access to your skills. Now you have to sub to have access to your skills.

Where’s the problem?

As for the jukebox. Yeah it sucked to lose that. And while you can download the soundtrack to play in the background, it doesn’t sync to the activity your are doing so it’s not the same.

And while I don’t miss the Captain’s Quarters per se, I do find the loss of the concept behind it somewhat distressing. Though I have faith that PA has a team working on some form of avatar gameplay.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


EVE has music? :thinking:



Returning players (and some newer ones) keep asking about our Jukebox. And I keep pointing them to the remake of the thing on Ashy’s website EVE Jukebox, to at least stop the acute bleeding.

Please reintroduce the jukebox into the client (and especially get the old music suite back).



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