OMG they did it 🥰

Not many words needed but a HUGE thank you to Ashley Traynor and Malmar Padecain, who recreated the ingame jukebox. You can read all about it on which has a link to the finished product.

Some things that should not have been lost and were never forgotten have come back…
If only the same thing would happen with EveHQ :wink:


It’s funny how some things, easily discarded at some point, still resonate. It’s almost as if they were discarded while they shouldn’t have been or, at the very least, should have been brought back. It’s a clear showcase of CCP being disconnected from its player base and the game itself.


CCP got rid of it because it wasn’t used that much, and it was trivial to run your own media player in the background with whatever music you wanted, i’ve played EVE with its sound disabled since like 2005 because none of the audio really serves any purpose for me


it was taken out because ccp said in one of their blogs it was too much work to update

Very cool, site bookmarked for future use.

As for players not using the Jukebox when it was in-game, I don’t believe it. I know for myself I used it probably 3/4 of my time here in Eve. CCP removing it was a bad call on their part. Same goes for Eve Gate, Eve Voice and Evelopedia.


I don’t believe for a second that no one used the jukebox. When it was removed you could hear the wailing and whining from all over the world, and the tears… oh the horror… the horror…

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3% here and there, also for WiS, who needs players anyway. Whats important is you dont have code to maintain. The effect can be gradually achieved, until you have 100% less code to maintain. :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::partying_face:


How is updating a player for your already available in game scores “too much work”? Not like you have to be a coding wizard for it.

It’s simply the “that’ll do” mentality combined with zero feel and care for the game. Some massive clown deciding “eh, we don’t need that” as with so many things.


:wink: Glad you like it


I accidentally left this running when I went grocery shopping.

When I came back, I played a little EVE, but without my headphones on.

After I had closed the client, I wanted to watch The People vs OJ Simpson and for the life of me could not figure out why the EVE music was still playing while I had the client closed.

I’d forgotten that I turned the sound off in EVE years ago when they removed the Jukebox.

Took me like 10 minutes.


‘Miner Stories’ :infinity: :repeat:


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This must be an EXPLOIT!! :boom:



TY @Ashley_Traynor :+1::+1:

For me, the jukebox music was the sound of EvE. When I played EvE, that was what was playing.


eve has sound ?

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could not enjoy eve sounds untill serious surgery. now eve has sound.

This is absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much!


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