Looking for that music. anyone knows the interpret or title?

Looking for that music. anyone knows the interpret or title ?

It’s from EvE official soundtrack. “Below the Asteroids”. It took me literally one ■■■■■■■ minute to find it, you lazy ■■■■.

Had a bad day/morning/evening? , need a hug?

Hug me.

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You had to look it up, Kace? :roll_eyes: What a noob. :wink:

That’s a good song. My personal favourite of the old EvE songs is probably:

OP, you might like:


I have a memory of seeing my first BS when I srill was in the noobship, and this playing in the background:

Also after falling in love to EVE, I considered this to be like my anthem:

That was 11 years ago, those were the times of awe and hope. Now EVE Online still is around, but it ceased being a game I would play many years ago.


I remember watching a Raven vs Megathron fight in High Sec - I had no idea what was going on -, and thinking “this is crazy”. It’s a shame we can’t experience that feeling of awe again.

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