Forum Moderation Policy - Empowering ISDs

Hello Everyone!

We have had several recent instances of repeat rule breakers / spammers where our ISD forum moderators were left repeatedly deleting rule breaking threads while having to wait for CCP to resolve the situation. This can be frustrating both for the ISDs and those of you trying to use the forums as you normally would.

With this in mind we’ve been reviewing forum moderation procedures and are further empowering ISDs to respond to issues. Starting today, ISDs will have the power to temporarily silence users who repeatedly ignore their warnings. This may take the form of a simple 24 hour ‘cooldown’ silence or a longer silence pending CCP review for serious infractions (there may be no warning before being silenced for serious violations). Having to be repeatedly silenced may warrant a longer silence duration up to the possibility of a permanent ban from CCP.

Please take note of ISD warnings and be courteous to our ISD staff as theirs is often not an easy job. If you believe that you have been silenced unfairly you can appeal straight to CCP at

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Looking forward to more quality discussions in here with you all o7


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