Need ISD response: Warnings

(Shailagh R) #1

Edit to prove the rule ccp falcon just broke:

Isds i need a response, you can hide/close this and send me a private message to talk to me in (just dont lock it illegally like Falcon just did…)


Falcon messaged me an Offical Warning about linking Chriba’s in the 200+ reply Eve Is Dying thread and said it broke Rule 1 Trolling.

I was trying to reply back to the message for clarification (as was promised we would be allowed to do SEVERAL time here on these new forums, the topics on Private Messages and ModMails prompted those replies from Devs and isds)

I can link several ISD and DEV replies on these forums that you ARE ALLOWED to reply to warning messages sent by Isds and Devs.

Yet Falcon just locked the message so I couldn’t respond?
What is going on here??

I demand answers on why Isds and Devs promised we could respond to Messages yet I was gagged?

(CCP Falcon) #3

When we message you to discuss something, we leave the PM thread open so that you can respond.

When we message you to issue you with a warning, we close the PM thread because there’s nothing to discuss. You’re issued with warning, and given a reason for why it was issued along with a link to the post that caused it.

If you have an issue with this, file a support ticket. Discussing moderation is against the forum rules.

(CCP Falcon) #4