How do you forum PM someone in these terrible new forums


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You cannot start a private message with another user on this forum. That is restricted to Forum Moderators and Administrators. You can always @mention a user name if you need to get someone’s attention.

Then how am I supposed to reponds to falcons PM. Just @falcon him in this thread?

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Okay guess so. @CCP_Falcon, in response to your PM. I’m not being that guy. I want to talk about something, so I changed my topic to not break the forum rules. I am discussing the 2012 event, and it keeps getting locked for talking about player action. Which I am not talking about. I’m sorry if it’s something that means a lot to me, I don’t know why you don’t want me to talk about it other than it’s embarrassing for CCP. But embarrassment for CCP is not a reason to shut someone’s voice down.


You cant, Its because these forums are, you guessed it, terrible. :smirk:


If you got a pm by uncle falcon you should be able to reply to it directly.

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I can’t, there is no reply button.

I think the problem is, you are bringing up something from 5 years ago that was handled. The rules have been changed since then. These things happen. So to quote The Lion King, “it’s in the past, dont worry about it.”

Anddddd there is no forum rule that says you can’t talk about something from 5 years ago.

And sadly I know what is going to happen with this. Falcon will not respond. ISDs will not respond. Thread won’t get locked unless it derails really bad. They are just going to watch this thread and hope it goes away. They know they locked my thread because it’s bad publicity, even though it doesn’t break forum rules. But they just want it to die.

I still don’t understand how to reply to the forum PM though. There are just no buttons at all.

Okay, its enough. If you want to complain about moderation actions, please read this:

If any pilot has an issue or complaint regarding the conduct of our forum moderators, the EVE Universe Community Team can be reached by filing a support under the Forums & Community category.

If any pilot has an issue or complaint regarding the conduct of a member of the EVE Universe Community Team, our internal affairs department can be reached via email.

Any complaints received are taken extremely seriously and will be fully investigated.

Thread closed.

One technical question…are you accessing the forums through a mobile device or computer? I think the mobile forums are more limited than the PC site.