What Message Are You Sending?

This question is for @CCP_Falcon.


When there is an ongoing debate that has a LOT of interest and you order us to stop discussing it…what message are you sending?

I thought the “new forums” were going to be more open to debate. Is there some hidden cost to CCP that I’m unaware of?

Towards the end of that thread gankers were getting beat up on. So naturally a ganker biased dev steps in to close it.

The thread in question had devolved into people making attacks on each other and breaking the rules. Sometimes you have to make a decision on whether it’s beneficial to allow that continue for the sake of discussion.

In this instance it wasn’t.

If you’d like to comment on moderation in future, feel free to email us: communityteam@ccpgames.com

Closing this as discussing moderation is against the forum rules.