CCP closing threads in this forum

Am i the only one that finds it fishy that their maybe is a correlation between the answers given to a thread(popularity) and ccp/isd members closing them?

Ecspecially the moment the discussion goes into a direction that is,let’s say ‘not convieniend’ for ccp?

I may be mistaking but the ‘alpha clone suicide ganking needs to stop!’ thread shows this examplary.
Normal discussion,no insults,no taunting,thread goes into an unwanted direction,thread closed after 500+ posts.

Please teach me i’m wrong…otherwise i must call this censorship…

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Raw or fried chicken?

it’s a CCP thing.

There are places on the forum where threads like what you wish to discuss about alpha ganking etc.

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inb4 thread lock/forum ban for discussing forum moderation


Here we have the problem i’m talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

Not only are you wrong, but this thread is going to be locked soon and I bet you’re not going to know why either…


In B4 lock phew…


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5 chars.

Here’s the thing. CCP/PA is not the American government. Censorship is a perfectly legit activity for a game company.

I don’t know why you people keep failing to understand this.

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Are we looking at two different threads?

Read rules then complain. Public discussions about moderators actions is also not welcome.


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Defending CCP in locking forum moderation threads instead of fighting this censorship is simply stupid…

Mods are no gods goddamit…

So by definition discussing decisions of mods is no blasphemy…

I kneel before Zod

“Kneel Before Zod”

If CCP locks this threat they only state ‘censorship is ok for us,because we are CCP and this is our forum and furthermore we don’t care about our customers because our server,our rules’…

This is how CCP threats this forum AND the game :

The result will be the same :slight_smile: