ISDs are censors and inquisitors

Enjoy your time as moderators while you can, this what you called “forum moderation” is far away from fair approach or common sense. One day when CCP will be cleansed from the trash from the past, you will be fired first.

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I would like to take the opportunity to thank CCP and the voulonteers who are doing a great job. Keep it up, guys. 99.99% of the players enjoy the game, it’s just the loud 0.01% reposting over and over in the hopes of attention or whatnot.


Nice try falcon …

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I’m the snowman. Not the Falcon. Seriously.


If any pilot has an issue or complaint regarding the conduct of our forum moderators, the EVE Universe Community Team can be reached by contacting from the verified email address connected to their EVE Online account(s).

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