ISD Closes post that GM's told me to raise too funny CCP!

“I also recommend that you consider highlighting your concerns to the CSM. They ensure that the voices of the EVE community are heard and you can either post on the CSM section of the forum or contact them directly.”

Ranting indeed so subscribers are ranters now?

Post constructively. Ranting is not constructive.

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I would happily talk with CCP about this ■■■■■■■ EDENCOM jammers… But there is no devblog, no patchnotes, no nothing where they would try to explain me, why they feel the need to destroy JF-logistics.

I closed that thread because you have a near carbon copy on the topic literally right above it, and we don’t need multiple posts on the same topic all over the place. If you feel moderation was taken too far, please feel free to mail Thank you.

Thread closed.

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