ISD Yumi, in regards to closing my previous post

No where have I read that i am not allowed to vent my frustrations on a forum, and you are are restricting my freedom to do so by closing my original post. Please either Reopen it, or cite the rule where it says i am not allowed direct questions at gms regardless as to whether or not they will respond here.

LOL…oh I love this…need more popcorn though…


please, im hungry as well, bring me some

Anways close this one to if you want, I believe this situation with my unreasonable ban has finally given me a reason to win eve. o7

OP is like the carebear who keeps posting how he got ganked, again. And how it’s always someone else’s fault.

You’re going to get locked, again. And it’s always someone else’s fault.


While I am no ISD, here is what you will be told.

1. Specifically restricted conduct.

The purpose of the EVE Online forums is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, and a venue for the discussion of EVE Online. Occasionally there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Forum users are expected to courteous when disagreeing with others.

In order to maintain an environment where everyone is welcome and discussion flows freely, certain types of conduct are prohibited on the EVE Online forums. These are:

  • Trolling
  • Flaming
  • Ranting
  • Personal Attacks
  • Harassment
  • Doxxing
  • Racism & Discrimination
  • Hate Speech
  • Sexism
  • Spamming
  • Bumping
  • Off-Topic Posting
  • Pyramid Quoting
  • Rumor Mongering
  • New Player Bashing
  • Impersonation
  • Advertising

2. Specifically restricted content.

EVE Online holds ESRB Teen and PEGI 12 ratings. All content posted to the EVE Online forums must be teen rated.

In addition to this, the EVE Online forums are not for discussion of real life current affairs, news, politics or religion. Discussion should revolve around EVE Online and its community.

For these reasons, specific content is prohibited on the EVE Online forums. These are:

  • Pornography
  • Profanity
  • Real Money Trading (RMT)
  • Discussion of Warnings & Bans
  • Discussion of Moderation
  • Private communications with CCP
  • In-Game Bugs & Exploits
  • Real World Religion
  • Real World Politics
  • Content that distorts the forum layout

At least half the threads are miners throwing tantrums these days. It is a bit amusing to see them raging all the time over trivial matters.


in b4 lock!


Discussion of forum moderation is prohibited. Your old thread was closed because forum cannot help you with your issue and it’s also prohibited.