Do You Think ISD Take Bets

On how long a post will go before they have to close it based just off the title and knowing the forum-posters?

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They don’t seem that humorous about it, to me.

Just because they can’t publicly be humorous doesn’t mean they aren’t taking bets over Slack.

I bet that’s been and done years ago and it’s stopped being funny. As in, not a novelty anymore.

Yup am pretty sure they have their fun behind the scene.

Completely unrelated image…


Why would they be humorous?

Posters basically spam the boards with trolling. I’d get annoyed with it too.

Besides. When one of the half dozen gank threads gets left alone too long, it always devolves into breaking the rules.

C&P can always use a good fumigation.

You mean like you’re doing now :smiley:

1. Specifically restricted conduct.

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  • Off-Topic Posting
  • Pyramid Quoting
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