CCP Falcon Chatbox feature

CCP Falcon. Do you want to save some time in your moderation of these forums?

A chatbox might help. Much of the posting is a carousel of shitposting minutia. It could be so it can be closed by those who wish not to read it. Also it would save trashing one’s browser history with links to said shitposting. I have seen theses on many forums and noticed it cut down on useless back and forth thread contents.

I wouldn’t presume to know what it entails to make it so. I just know these forums are kinda bad in the way they are filled with useless trash. Most who take part in that won’t bother to make a post when the chat is easy and quicker to quip and queef. The chat for subsections of the forums not the front page.

I didn’t know where to place this thread. I saw no place. Put it where ever is suitable.


Baba Ji, CCP Falcon is coming… wait until Monday…


If you want to chat, chat ingame.

A chatbox here would itself just increase burden on moderation staff to look after us and our nonsense as we toddle around and bang our heads on every single sharp corner we can find.

Yah, that what I pointed at:

  1. CCP DEVs have their working time per week.
  2. Forum moderator isn’t a call-center.
  3. One person can’t handle thousands of chat conversations.

ant etc and etc…


Isn’t that what they do already?

Chatbox garbage in garbage out. No moderation required.

Good luck.

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