Time to clean up

Potentially Intel Channel
Public Channels
Fleet chat
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Potentially scanning window
Potentially hacking window
Potentially map
Potentially agency

The EVE Ui is massively cluttered and the longer you play and the more you get involved the harder it is to actualy see space and your spaceship in this spaceship game.

Its such a convoluted that at times it just simply frustrating arranging your windows.

It is time to clean up once and for all and actualy make eve look modern instead of windows 98 with a multitude of bonzi buddy instances.

A good start could be to remove local chat completly from the game. That should already make some room. Idk where to go from here though.


Local chat provides base functionality for most bots, it was removed before it will not be removed again owing to the devestation it caused to CCP’s 1/4 turnover.

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That some creative way to sneak in another pointless blackout discussion…

And here’s me wanting two overviews…

but but …
amarr chat best chat

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