Remove WH space to get resources for running working local

That might make 0.0 more populated again too, by accident.

No seriously WH space was a start for slippery slope.

Obvious troll is obvious but also just no.

Remove whatever system OP plays in to get not having OP in game.

Local doesn’t even run on the CCP hardware. LOL.

  • remove OP instead
  • be a knucklehead

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low effort bait

Don’t care!

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@Jalmari_Huitsikko this is your papi speaking very upsetting your behaved me! please had respecting and be produce the forums conduce better interactions others romance found some day yielding gratuitous offspring perhaps! one love papi xoxo

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I think this belongs in “General Discussion”

He probably wants feedback from the CSM member who represents wormholes.

:thinking: I see what you did there.

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Didn’t both Brisc and Mike Azariah say they were going to try and field WH issues? Perhaps I am misremembering.

Mike will agree to anything and Brisc will say anything for a vote.

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