How do you send private messages?

As the title. The internet says that it should be available if I click someone’s avatar picture, but I can’t find it for the life of me.

Thanks in advance.

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Like the recent Badge features, I’m guessing CCP is waiting to enable various forum features until others have been burned in, or until they’ve been themed/integrated properly.

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I’ve earned “First Emoji” today, despite it not being my first one.

And just now I earned “Read Guidelines” by reading the FAQ.


I too was looking for it and came to the same conclusion as Este DeStirr.

The forum rules seem to suggest that only CCP will be able to send forum PMs for notification of warnings, suspensions, etc.

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So we won’t be able to check our Eve Mail without being logged into the game?

I read elsewhere that CCP is currently working on finding a suitable, alternate platform for EVE Gate so that you can have a place to access your mail without logging in. :thumbsup:

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Only forum staff can start a new private message. You are however able to respond to them at your hearts desire.

So if a discussion devolves to two people bickering (guilty :raising_hand_man:) and we are told to take it to private messages, how do we actually do that?

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Sounds like you have to request an official Forum Arbiter to start a Private Chat Room just for the two of you :joy:

May I suggest a 1v1 at the nearest star? :fedo:

But it is as ISD Stall has mentioned, at least for the time being, starting private messages with users on the forums remains an option only to moderators and admins.


Fedo? :fedo:

Oh, nice!


Get on that one Avalon, we’ll all be grateful.

What I wanna know is how to block people.

Go to Preferences, Notifications, and then go to Users. Under that category there is a ‘Muted’ section. Try using that.

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That is unfortunate, I love sending privates to people.

You can always send them to me. :wink:

Trust level: basic user.


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The Basic User badge is the top level badge you can reach. The other levels are reserved for CCP Devs, Game Masters, Interstellar Services Department members, and Forum Staff (Moderators).

PMs are disabled on the forums, and are only used for moderation purposes.

Once these forums take over from the old ones, you’ll still be able to access your EVEmail through EVE Gate just the same as you can now, but the current forums will be read only, and you won’t be able to post to them.

In future, we’re looking at other options for web based EVEmail as part of a wider website overhaul :slight_smile:

Hope this answers the question!

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So rather than have one nice user friendly site, users will need to use multiple sites to do what they can do now from the old forums with a few mouse clicks.

Modern technology is all about integration. What a shame CCP decided that was too hard and went with a limited use mobile app instead of something that could be used as an all in one portal.

Could these new forums get any less user friendly…

Only good thing I’ve found with these new forums - I spend far less time on them which will more than likely continue as i just don’t like the all in one endless scroll layout, it just feels and looks very cheap and unprofessional.