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Hey hello ,
Yes i know sometimes i do write chain but still you need to know i am bit new to writing on forums and havent used forums before i start play EvE online,l so i have some questions…
Also i will be appreciated if there are any read up material to help me to learn how this thing works

Now first question i recently begin to get feedback pop ups like that :

Is this a new feature ? Or if this is related with anothet message i got from system saying “ now you can direct message with forum members “ But i cant find the feature / button to DM people

Seems like there is a kind of reputation system which classify the and rank the forum posters… like when you post and participate more you unlock some more features ?

Or what ? How this thing works exactly ?

It says im “ Basic “ should i get offended by that
, :rofl:

Also I am full of LOVEEE ! Why this is not allow me to spread my love ? It doesnt like my love ? :sob: :scream:


There is a certain amount of likes you can spread in a certain amount of time so you have to wait until you can like posts again. I think the higher your forum level or whatever it is called the more likes you can cast.

Yes. The more you participate the more you’ll be able to do.

You’re far from being “basic” friend. I’d say you’re rather sophisticated and thoughtful.
This is just a form. I just post and like posts, I don’t worry much about the rest as our dear Moderators take care of it.


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Just ignore these warnings. They are there to discourage that mentally weak from posting more. The more you post, the better to show these censorship-light-favoring forum developers that you don’t care about their attempts to stifle participation.

This feature does not exist. Only GM/CCP/ISD can direct message you. It’s one of those things that CCP “forgot” existed, just like the bot messages that tell you that you can edit your flagged-hidden posts in Slow-Mode-topics but Slow Mode prevents that. Typical #CCPQualityFeature. :wink:


The forum software is Discourse, and if you have questions about the software itself, the meta site is the appropriate place to discuss that with the developers and other users.

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The software is discourse, but it can be developed. For example not everywhere there is round avatar required.

Before move to discourse EVE forums used square, bigger avatars since beginning. There is still a way to get them.

You have to get TamperMonkey browser addon and add script.

The same goes with messaging other people in private messages and stuff. But CCP just stopped developing those things or they turned them off so they dont need to care. That is because they reduced the personnel.


What I want back the most is the display of corps/alliances. It’s rather annoying that I have to check zkill or ingame or evewho to figure out what kind of individual wrote nonsense this time. But just like how CCP likes to hide important information ingame, they also like to hide it out of game. Or rather: they started out of game and now import this smashing success into the game.


lol :+1:

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I miss Noir. signatures

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It’s literally telling you to stop posting. Can’t say I disagree.

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wow… I didn’t know that. I thought this interface made by CCP for Eve Online forums… like its their own product… Shouldn’t be so hard to design forum pages suitable to their own needs ? … but I do understand now.

This also explains my futile searchs about to learn how this forum thing work and its mechanics by fiddling all over account settings. and threads ect to find some useful information

Now i know where to look
thank you
much appreciated .

me neither :rofl:

A decade ago around 2010, during the rise of Facebook and Google+ and Twitter, as part of its ambitious Incarna plans of Walking-In-Stations, an oft-forgotten effort CCP Games underwent was launching the “Eve Online Social Media Experience”. It was called Eve-O (not to be confused with the 3rd party developer tool of the same name). Eve-O was going to be “the place” where your Incarna avatar could live outside the game in this “social media” space. And the forum overhaul at that time was I believe into CCP Games’ custom forum implementation as a first step in their social media journey.

I’m not surprised that they would have ditched the old forum version, as it was from a very different era and now-dead vision.

At some stage, previous forums, there was EVE Gate, where you could send people private mail to forum, and that message would also show in game, so you could message people in game from forum level.
There was also page to see bio, your skillpoints, your ISK. Under people avatar there was amount of likes received, and corporation name. There were also signatures under posts.

I have never seen any of those messages O.o

And I have definitely replied more than 3 times to one guy and been more than 22% of a thread.

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