Why Can't I Post?

Seriously? I can’t post a new thread in GD? How much sense does that make?

maybe cause you are like, totes newb bro. need to like, read stuff and like stuff and ■■■■. be active. this new forum is all about them achievements and such.

for instance, I got an achievement for the first time i used an emote.


Stupid idea bro, and I’m not new.

At the time of your post you had “just joined 30 minutes ago” and had replied to only 2 posts ever. That’s new bro status here.

Trust level: New User


And that makes sense to you? 14 years of paying for eve and now I have to wait in line to post a new topic? Fabulous!!!


Are you trying to post in the top level category, or a subcategory? Because you can’t post in the top level

Check out this Dev Blog for more details of how the new forums work.

This part goes into detail:


Highlighted in green is a simple category that has just one forum section, all posts made here are displayed when you click on “New Citizens Q&A”

Below that is a category (red) that can be filtered by subcategory (yellow). Clicking the red link will show you all the threads in the four categories in the yellow box. Clicking a single category in the yellow box will show you just the threads in that sub forum.

In a simple category, you can post threads directly to the main category, for instance “New Citizens Q&A”. In complex categories, the main category simply acts as an index, and you need to post threads to the subcategories, in this case “General” “Crime & Punishment” etc.

Hope this helps!


Or, sign out and ignore it. Thanks for making Eve more difficult and less enjoyable.

So many colors and buttons :darkbeerparrot:

Hmm, I don’t know how I feel about this. :thinking:

It feels kind of non-intuitive. Maybe if there was a tooltip when you hover over the faded out “new topic” button, it would be better.

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Good way to get people not to use the forums

But I guess the old “Nobody said anything so nothing is wrong” scenario is at play

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Except that we are saying something! I only found this thread because I, too, didn’t know there couldn’t be posts in the parent forums. Probably I would discover that on my own, but still: it would have been much easier if a little tooltip told me “can’t post on parent forum, only on sub forums”.

Dont like the system too. New to the game (and forums), just wanted to search a fitting corp and cant post any thread for it. Maybe later then.

You’ll want the Recruitment Center for that.