Unable to post

seems I can’t start a new topic i.e. post on the recruitment thread?

Have you worked your way through the tutorials, etc… ? :frowning_face:

Shouldn’t really need a tutorial once i’ve logged in i should be able to post… but thank you for the suggestions…

Yeah, I remember that when I first logged in, and was thinking to myself; that’s just stupid. If you log on to a games forum because you have something to say, you should be able to at get go.
It’s like the essential functions of a forum.

A restriction CCP probably should remove.
You could always take the tutorial later, to learn of some of the more advanced features.

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The tutorial takes a whopping 5 minutes it’s not that big of a deal. Annoying yes, but it is a good idea in theory to show people the basic functions.

I suspect you’re trying to post at the top level of a category.

You won’t have privileges to post there. However, you should be able to post in a subcategory.

Thanks guys… yeah combination of all three replies, and I’ll work on my short fuse issues :wink:

Hey there, a couple of thoughts:

  • The Topic Groups such as #communications centre cannot be posted in. They are instead a collection of sub categories, the areas we can post. For example, in the #communications section we have general discussion, crime and punishment, My Eve and so on.

  • In regard to limiting what new users can do, this is an anti-spam feature to prevent people from making a new account and spamming the forums.