New User, what do i have to do to post in Recruitment?

Could you make this more difficult to use? I can post here, but not in Recruitment, why? I see all these ‘badges’, do i really have to figure out how to earn badges just to post in other forums?

What exactly would your Usability people say they do here?

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As far as I remmeber you need to post in a couple of topics, like some things and stay for a week or so to get the basic badge which allows you to contribute in other forums.

Since it is a game that takes things into long term I suppose that doing what Rivr said is the acceptable thing, or just ask for a link to the Recruitment channel ingame at Rookie Help and ask if anyone will take you in.

Complete discobot tutorial in PM. Then you should have full access to post. But remember that you can only create posts in subcategories.

Please make sure you’re trying to post in the sub categorises such as #corporations-alliances:recruitment-center and not in the forum section #corporations-alliances

Best of luck :slight_smile:


It was something was going to ask too, as i was trying to post in the forum section not categories.

You dont have to do anything in order to post, but you can only post from either the front page (and then select a category) or from inside a sub category. You can’t post when you are only viewing a category.

Its super confusing and off putting to new forum users who can’t figure out why they are not allowed to post.


If you think just a bit it become 100% clear why this work like that. But most people don’t think much when surfing on internet :wink:

There’s no reason for it to work like that.

Just curious if you can hear how unnecessarily condescending you are?

For CCP? You are totally wrong :wink:

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