Anyone else restricted from posting to most forums?

I’m confused - this and the New Citizens Q&A are the only forums where the ‘+ New Topic’ button is usable for me. The others I’ve tried give me a mouse icon of a circle-with-slash-through it.

Is there some sort of waiting period or procedure I need to undertake?

Also, FYI, the new forum just popped up a dialog box that told me this post is similar to 2 others, and the two it pointed to are absolutely not similar. I suggest disabling this functionality if it continues to make guesses as bad as what I just saw… :slight_smile:

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You may need to go deeper (into a sub-category) to start a new post. Or you can select an available category by using the [New Topic] button on the index

You can’t start a new topic in the Communications Center
But you should be able to start a new topic in General Discussion, which is a child category of Communications Center.

If you use the new topic button on the index (category list) you will be able to select which category to post into with the “Select a category…” drop-down.


I wanted to post a new topic in the recruitment section BUT the button is disabled… ???
What do I do?

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Double check whether you’re in the #corporations-alliances (button intentionally disabled) category, or if you’re in #corporations-alliances:recruitment-center