Only certain forums allow the New Topic button to be clicked

For some reason New Topic button is disabled in most of the forums except for New Ideas and this one.

Are you trying to make a post in a forum category like #communications:general or are you trying to make a post in a top level section such as #communications ?

No I see what I did. I didn’t realize you have to select the specific area of the forum to create a New Topic.

Awesome, is there anything else you need help with at the moment :slight_smile: ?

Nope, I did have some log in issues where the intro movie played like it had been a fresh installation. The environment wouldn’t load past the login screen until I cleared All Cache Files from Reset Settings in the Esc menu.

Loaded up normally after that.

Avatar images are appearing blacked out as well but are slowly reloading.

Is that in TQ itself?

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