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There is No More WeeWoo #SaveTheWeeWoo

Eh, the real self-own on Convict’s part there was ‘the only reason you think there’s 6500 people complaining about our game being broke is because our game is broke’.


We haven’t made a decision yet if waste should be taken into account in the industry index calculations.

You can actually make a ‘waste line’ for system where it’s mined, and when the ‘waste index’ is full, in system appears some weird mining anomaly. Could be anomaly with mixed resource fields, % of ice, ore, gas etc. what was mined most in system will appear in most %, rest can come in less amounts… Just a speculation what could be made from ‘waste’ not to be such waste as it sounds now.

I feel it is my duty to fix this post:

I have shortened it so ADHD players need not do more then Skim, and have added necessary content that CCP left out, so without further adue what CCP has said is:

  • More Microtransactions

  • MIning in anything above an exhumer will be nurfed again

  • Ore distributions will remain the same (Sorry everyone in high sec hoping to get back to mining building and playing EvE, go to low or null or quit we never liked you all staying in highsec anyway that was never our intent). <<< Direct quote from CCP Devs in creative design room.

  • Moon mining in highsec will remain nurfed (And we may remove it entirely), it was never our intent to provide avenues of actual content for people in highsec, the entire goal was to get you out of highsec. Hence the recent redistributions, unfortunately too many players did not take the hint so be ware incoming removals and nurfbats on the way again, maybe this time you’ll get the message that we hate highsec players.

  • In the future we may remove all Industry completely from highsec, I mean what it just 3 minerals and 4 moon components now, and as we said earlier, we do not want players staying in highsec.

  • If removing industrial content from highsec doesn’t work, we will simply remove Highsec status period except in a select few new player systems to allow new players to safely familiarize themselves with the game. (Learning curve and all that).

We hope you continue to enjoy EvE for many years, Fly Safe!

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@Yasminka Duchovnavik,

Well… I mean lets be real here… This though a sarcastic post is not entirely inaccurate… I can definitely see how a lot of people would feel this way…

New Dawn -



Where we, in null sec will get a Tritanium? If no one stay in hisec? :o

Either convert the scrapmetal or go to Pochven…lots of Tritanium up there in the abyssal ores.

@CCP_Psych @CCP_Fleebix @CCP_Swift @CCP_Paragon @CCP_Explorer
Care to explain how a storyline module ended up with nearly 75% wastage? This prospect was equipped with two Single Diode Mining Lasers. Especially when if my memory serves me well its needed for a mission?
Screenshot (506)

Care to explain also why Ice and Gas have about 33-35% waste rates per cycle?

Just some light reading and notes.


That’s simple, you see they added waste so that they could maintain the shortage of minerals, so even though they say they buffed the amounts the truth is that with wastage you are actually mining even less, because a % is based on a total amount, the larger the amount the larger the wastage.

IN other words CCP Scammed you Jita Style and called it an update.


I gathered that when I was looking at mineral numbers.

New Dawn -
Carpal Tunnel Edition! ™

-now with 100% more resources! Double the FUN!-

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There are many modules whose stats aren’t reflective of the design on Singularity at the moment. There are extensive changes coming based on design and feedback, and hopefully we’ll have Singularity updated soon™


Speaking of which, can we get a sound when weapons finish reloading? Rapid launchers are soooo boring to watch :sweat_smile:

The Miasmos is no longer taking into account skills when looking at the ore hold.

CCP should consider removing the “The Age of Prosperity” verbiage from the New Dawn artwork as its pretty much just a slap in the face of the players at this point.


I’m pretty sure they consider your feedback alright.

Completely unrelated image:



Stop with the lies. Scarcity is not over. The new exploration sites are a worthless waste of time. You destroyed the economy. Mining ship balance is atrocious. I’m most excited to have an extra 45 bucks in my account every month.

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Scarcity has begun to end and prosperity is beginning. It’s not going to be an instantaneous change.

Yes please. Make Minmatar ships sound like a biffa bin with rusty wheels trundling down a street.