New Dawn - New Quadrant

EVE Online’s fourth Quadrant of 2021 - New Dawn - begins today, introducing significant changes to mining and resources! As EVE moves toward a new age of prosperity, Capsuleers can look forward to brighter days ahead in New Eden.

End of scarcity, new exploration sites, Fanfest Returns, Alliance Tournament Returns (and continues), Winter Nexus is coming (Yoiul Clones for everyone!) and last but not least, the new storytelling hub, EVE Universe, launches on 11 November.

Quadrant 4 is brimming with content.
What excites you the most (besides the Yoiul Clones of course)?


Finally releasing that Faction Warfare Update everyone has been waiting for.
Low Sec will be LIT after this!

wait…? oops


Yes!! More lowsec stuff! And and and! More capital production.


These new exploration sites have all been tested extensively, right?



introducing significant changes to mining and resources??? Where is the information?


Amazing! I just got into this game 2 weeks ago! i am so excited about everything! bring on new changes! I would love to read about the lore too! Thanks for the great work you guys!


Then go read about it? :thinking: The Academy has all the links that you need to find all the lore you possibly want to learn about.


In a dev blog this Friday.

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Happy to help with it this evening :wink:

Great stuff, looks all very promising.

Welcome!! I’m so stoked about the lore hub as well. If you like lore, checkout Ashterothi’s podcasts and such. He’s got a ton of great info on the NPC factions and player history.

(Also, don’t let the folks in these forums zing you. There’s a whole bunch of them who just love to trash everything.)


What does this mean?

These will include the returning Singles Day 2-for-1 sale on 11 November, during which you can get twice the impact of Alpha Injectors and Skill Extractors

Does this mean more sp for injectors or 250k extracted for a full large skill injector?

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I’m happy to see new content. New sites for low sec and Pochven looks promising. I’ll wait for more light and explanations about changes for mining and resources, before I decide to further comment on that matter.

I’m really interested in this year Winter Nexus event. It’s always a time in EVE full of good stuff and surprises.

EVE Universe hub is a great idea. Thank you for that.

…significant changes to how ships are manufactured”.

Indeed. I think there’s still a mighty balancing need to be done.


Will this “eve universe” thing actually be maintained ? A whole lot of stuff from the old chronicles was never put on the Evelopedia, stuff from Evelopedia wasn’t put on the fiction portal, and now you’re throwing that out too.

And will lore news be findable from the launcher, or even from in game like the billboards of old ?


A new storytelling hub, EVE Universe, launches on 11 November! Replacing the current fiction portal, EVE Universe will offer an extensive repository of the stories and lore behind the game.

is this gonna be gallente biased? or truthful.


I assume it means 100k SP from daily skill injectors. Not sure about the extractors.

I’m also curious as to what Yoiul clones are (I took a break and played cyberpunk last christmass… holy ■■■■, another year gone).

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I’d like to make a statement that it was written in-character as a point of view of my character (who is quite thorough and unabashed Caldari supremacist) and shouldn’t be considered unbiased. On the other hand, it contains real references that you can read and make your own opinion about that.


So instead of just lowering the required build materials of capitals to something more reasonable, ccp and their infinite wisdom decide that gun mining is the solution. Surely nothing can go wrong with that right?


true, though when rping it could be argued to be far more unbiased than the old lore article we had which was just gallente bias “provost are violent terrorists” with no context or views outside of one incident.


"The Chilling Spree returns this year with a mischievous twist. From 12 to 24 December, downtime to downtime, you will receive daily challenges involving the lobbing of snowballs at various NPCs. The reward for completing each day’s challenge will be a unique Trinket that is only available for that day, so make sure you do not miss out!

The Trinkets are connected to Yoiul Clones, who are based on old spacer tales and superstitions of clone blanks coming to life and wreaking havoc aboard ships. InterBus, the largest passenger transport service in New Eden, has issued a series of animated safety displays featuring these Yoiul Clones warning passengers and crew alike against hazards, carelessness, and waste"


After reading I still have no clue … can somebody translate that?