New Dawn - New Quadrant

Commence Rorqual hull speculation!!

They are just special edition commodities that you can collect, or try to sell them for collectors. So except some roleplay fluff, there’s no use for them.



+1 to low sec content.


you’ll also be able to experience four new challenging exploration sites, all live today!

AEGIS Capital Ship Security Facility
Overmind Nursery Groves
AEGIS Secure Transfer Facility*
AEGIS Secure Capital Construction Forges*

*These sites are currently unavailable and will go live on Tranquility soon.

:thinking: “all” available today, so does that mean another patch later today?

Fixed that for you.

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Since that post from march is locked and this article linked back to it, I think this is an appropriate place to ask:

The Quarterly Player Survey asks players to agree or disagree with…

The what? The when?

Doing this is a pretty good idea, but I have been resubbed for 4 months and didn’t get one of those. So…

in a detailed dev blog coming this Friday!

Why… tell us now? Just tell us when the thing is ready? :neutral_face:

@CCP_Fleebix @CCP_Paradox @CCP_Aurora @CCP_Swift

These will include the returning Singles Day 2-for-1 sale on 11 November

Singles Day.

Singles Day.

So, in terms of UTC, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, CCP chooses to celebrate four horny college students who couldn’t get dates, and Alibaba the market trading company. On Armistice Day / Veteran’s Day.



New Dawn will bring increased resources throughout the universe

With that increase I hope it also requires more “active” game playing to get said resources. Like exploration requires playing the game to find and get site rewards. Not only that, explorers compete with others for the resources even in HS.

Miners get it too easy, spare me the fantasy stories about big miner battles for ice in HS, it’s fiction. It actually puts me off the game knowing that miners have a pretty easy ride. Especialy when they multibox it.

When you see a big multiboxer fleet of 15 characters or more, it’s honstly, just off putting. Why bother playing really when the biggest wallet wins.

So will battleships and tech 2 be any cheaper? Will dreads ever come down in price?


They’re about to be.


The new warping and afterburner SFX are a little much. Is there an option to turn that off?

giphy (1)



New warp sounds means they finally get new sound engine working or simply testing if duct taping, announced sound rework will work on old system?

I’m partial to the “broom broom” sound from the I’m in my mums car vine myself. I'm In My Mums Car - Vine - YouTube

I’m pretty sure that is the warp sound. The afterburner is more like wet asphalt being ground up.



Hoping it all works out as intended.

update delayed to December/ january

and i am being optimist for decembre/january because this update was expected for october / november

wat thing we can expect?:

-“end scasity”

-the expected nerf for industrial comand ship and industrial capital ship

-compres moon ore (probably lowsec ■■■■■■■■)

-problably nerf to the tank of skirf and hulk

  • 100% sure they gona nerf the mining drones

  • i will not surprice for more nerf for defender vs agresor



Hold me, I’m scared.

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