EVE CCP announces New Quadrant: New Dawn - 2021.11.09

Greatings fellow space-fearers,

Today, a we are at the cusp of a new dawn… a new age is upon us. The age of scarcity is ending and we welcome an age of prosperity!

According to the CCP dev-blog, there will be significant rebalances to mining, asteroid belts, ore and industry. There will also be four new types of exploration sites, with rewards consisting of subcaputal and capital ship components.

EDENCOM will begin construction of capital ships in low-sec an wormhole space. I wonder what will these capital ships be. No doubt an new line of ships of EDENCOM design.

Also the Yoiul Winter Nexus will take place again in this year’s winter.
Furthermore, EVE fanfest will take place next year, in May, in Iceland.

Link to dev-blog:

And a cool pic of one of the new sites:

So what are your thoughts and feelings about this?

Adrian Vexier – “Stay safe and fly dangerous!”


this sounds like a constructive revamp of the whole game. I’m actually excited. the new edencom dreadnaught should have a killer vorton projector!

will we get an EDENCOM titan also?

ok. so… new sites, new ships, maybe new ores, probably new components, obviously new graphics. yes, I see what the devs have been doing in the last months. looks nice, i’ll check it out!

i find it interesting that Adrien is always so quick to get this kind of information. like he did with the info on the bans for the CONCORD exploit. and a few other news. it’s like he’s privy to some info…

there’s a devblog. he literally linked it in the OP post…


Well, I’m excited, but I’m also trying to keep my expectations in check.
No P2W

I can’t say that I’m a fan of exploration been allowed to infringe upon the industrial engine that keeps EVE running. And I say that as someone who gets headaches from doing industry.

Age of scarcity ending?

This should be a fun day as all the forum warriors that said it would never happen scrub their posts.

So here’s a few questions:

Do you think it’s better to sell all your freighters to buy orders at a slightly lower price before the market tanks from the glut of mats soon to hit the market? Or hold for now and see how it plays out? Or am I reading this new quadrant completely wrong?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:



I’m too new to have experienced how it was before so “end of scarcity” doesn’t tell me much for now. I hope the NPC loots will be better. I do not like to mine so all the changes in mining that may be coming are of little concern to me. I may start manufacturing but nothing crazy so I will not notice the changes. I’ve started doing exploration so it will be a while before I venture to any of the new sites.
This “New Dawn” will not feel new to me unless the changes are drastic.


Orca nerf?

I am waiting for the salt to flow once people’s idea of scarcity ending (massive rocks as far as the eye can see…) doesn’t align with what CCP has planned (adding a few more rocks here and there…).

Daily isk login bonuses!
Kill one NPC get 1,000,000 units of tritanium!
Free battleships!
Mana from heaven!


The sooner that scarcity will end (and in fact be reversed) the better. Stability and sustainability are boring, and I want to see some genuine economic collapse happen in EVE ASAP. I want to see ISK and minerals become as worthless as Diablo gold, and for players to move on to a barter economy in which a small handful of rare items acts as currency. I want to see players rage-quit the game because their work becomes meaningless, while at the same time ignorantly whining and begging CCP to implement NPC buy and sell orders for resources and items because they either can’t get as much ISK for their goods as they want, or because everything costs too much, all at the same time.

But of course none of this will ever happen. The end of scarcity will probably take the form of a small boost to ore spawn rates, and some silly little ESS-like new mining mechanic.


With well over a decade of CCP’s “cool new announcements” under my belt, my expectations are firmly parked in “meh, we’ll see”. Frankly this set of announcements has more potential to bring unwanted surprises rather than desirable ones, imo. Will be happy to wrong on this, of course.

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Depending on how liberal your interpretation of “mana from heaven” is, we technically already have all of those in the game…

Prediction: more micro transactions, more isk opportunities for groups in particular places of density to generate isk for Plex sales, and more terrible hobbling of anything else.

scarcity will not end till rantanplan has left the builing.

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