Foundation – New Quadrant starts soon!

Greetings, Capsuleers,

We have just announced the second EVE Quadrant of 2021: FOUNDATION. Please read the announcement news article for a little sneak peek about what’s coming to New Eden but be advised there is much more work in progress that we will be sharing with you a little bit later.

You can use this thread to discuss the contents of the announcement with other pilots :slight_smile:


Who is the Caldari figure?

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Things be changing!


New empire gates and 3D Aura.

— Interested Gadget


“as the keys to the ESS Reserve Banks will become available later in the Foundation Quadrant.”




3D Aura-chan yes!


Be careful with relaxing Pochven access please. The unique value proposition is the standing/commitment gate. Without this, it would soon look like any other high class WH or valuable nullsec region. More than it is already. The standings grind keeps the growth of residents in check, and ensures their commitment to the region.


There will be unique video trailers for each Empire during the Quadrant, giving you a peek into their background, unique identity, and significance to New Eden.

Just after CCP removed blood lines from the character creator. Funny.


New words!

20% more hyperbole!

Free bonus exclaimation marks!!!


This Quadrant will have a very very massive impact on the EcoSystem :roll_eyes: :roll_of_toilet_paper: :face_vomiting:


My bet is on PKN Interstellar chairman Alakoni Ishanoya. It’s none of the Megacorp leaders or CEP or Caldari Navy.

It would be nice not to have to commit your corp to fw. Id like to see something more along the lines of how albion handles fw.

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Let’s hope we get more work on Pochven besides opening gates up. Right now it is glorified hisec but with insane rats that can dd you for 512k ehp from 10,000 km and while in warp… The standings grind is one of the things that rewards a time investment, especially given there are literally only 3/4 sites worth doing from an isk reward perspective.

Making the grind easier is one thing, but opening them completely without also looking at the things making pochven better than hisec or losec would be a travesty.


A desktop backdrop of this, please.


Lets hope there is a lot more carrot and a lot less stick this time.


Since these new gates will go into Pirate NPC null sec in at least 2 instances, I wonder how they will pull that off. I do not think that neither Sansha’s Nation nor the Guristas pirates will allow a direct gate connection from their mortal enemies to be erected without opposition. And even if the construction is finalized, it would be very underwhelming (albeit typical CCP quality) if Sansha or Guristas would just let it slide and ignore the gate.

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Fully agree, the two must haves for a FW rework:

  1. decouple from corp mechanics
  2. Remove main empire faction standings penalty

So, first…

the Bonnie and Clyde’s of New Eden

That’s a possessive. You wanted ‘the Bonnies and Clydes of New Eden’.

Furthermore, ‘Foundation’ recognizes the impact that the gift of Capsule technology has provided in extending humanity’s journey through New Eden and beyond, which you can read more about here.

That’s about 1000% more access and advertising of the EVE Fiction Portal than is actually accessible from the front page. If you’re going to dedicate an entire quadrant to the empires of EVE (and that’s not a bad thing), maybe find ways to actually raise the visibility of all of the setting info, like the Fiction Portal, the World News Channel, etc?

I mean, it makes exactly no sense to make a big splashy news item of ‘We’re dedicating 1/4 of the year to THESE THINGS WE DON’T TELL YOU A DAMNED THING ABOUT! YAAAAAAY!!! NOW YOU, TOO CAN CELEBRATE BEING UTTERLY IGNORANT OF JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!’

Seriously. You want to celebrate the empires of New Eden? Give people ways to find out about them beyond ‘Amarr use lasers, Caldari and Gallente use railguns, and Minmatar get shat on with memes about duct tape that haven’t even made sense for a decade because we’ve overhauled the models’.


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so letme get this clear u are teling me u literaly spend time and resurse to add the “aurora” 3D models(which is fine) but u still refuse to add the color palet for the ships so we can actualy “paint” ur very nerfed and olmost useles ships (90%) cmon ccp i know u are the tipe u can made a “hot fix” a cuadrant update but even u can see u can made money seling the color of the ships instead of just recolors skins and it will be more profit