-WTF- We The Foundation | Sov Null | Medium Sized Alliance | US/EU/AU/East Asia timezones

We The Foundation is currently living in the Immensea region. We are seeking corporations and pilots interested in becoming a meaningful part of a midsize alliance. PVP opportunities occur daily with fleet sizes ranging from small gang to midsized fleet fights (No TiDi!).

This is a great opportunity to stretch yourself beyond the typical F1 monkey status most of Null is known for. We like to encourage PVP pilots to think for themselves, fly themselves, and offer up solutions to situations unfolding on grid.

Our industrial infrastructure is well developed with a consistent moon schedule, high ADMs, and all station services to keep your industrialist busy and for those who primarily Rat to generate income, we have plenty of angels sights to keep the isk flowing!

Reach out to Noviz (animosityz on discord), in game or via our website below.

If you’re an individual pilot wanting to join us, we will connect you with a corporation that fits your playstyle and your personallity. Interested corporations can meet with our leadership team to help you make the best decision for your corp and determine if We The Foundation would be a good fit.

We focus heavily on our individual line members and corporations. At the end of the day, this is a game, something we all use for entertainment and to escape our normal day to day life. We want you to enjoy the gameplay we have been lucky enough to offer our teams. We look forward to talking to you!


Ahoy! I am a new eve player, played only for a day, I am interested in joining, I have no corps yet. I saw the east asia timezone that is why I got interested.

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