The Third Foundation - Sov Null Corp

The Third Foundation has restarted our recruiting for both newer players and experienced veterans. We are a null sec corporation living in Null Sov. After getting our ducks in a row and properly established, we are looking at bring additional pilots into the Corp and continuing our growth.

We offer a range of content, whether it be Industry (full facilities including capital production) moon/ice/anom mining, and plenty of PvP.

We are currently focused on pilots who enjoy PvE, Sov warfare (a proud member of FI.RE Co.), and PvP of all types, but all pilots are welcome regardless of your preferred playstyle.

Below is a link to our current Zkill if that is something that is important to you, along with some good ol’ FI.RE Co propaganda:

We are a part of Intrepid Crossing, an alliance founded over a decade ago. We have well established IT services along with SRP, Buyback, a dedicated TeamSpeak along with a Discord and Forums.

There is no lack of content in the space we occupy. We have big goals and a solid group of players, so come have some fun and kick some ass! Apply in-game or drop into our recruiting channel TTF_ Recruitment, and Corp leadership will reach out to.

If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read this advert. Fly Dangerous o7

Recruitment is still on-going!

Still Recruiting!

Still recruiting! May be slow to respond with the Holidays though.

Still recruiting!

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