Looking to get back into null (Found a place)


So, after some small on-off break it’s time to look for a new corp out in null.
We’re two experienced pilots that’s been at this game for a good while now, and to make this easy for everyone let’s make some lists:

We’re looking for:
PvP: all from small gang content to large scale fleets, capital combat, blops and just about anything
PvE: ratting, mining if the need arises
Industry: we’ve enjoyed building capitals in the past
Space: stable would be nice, we’re tired of suddenly “moving” to a new place within days of joining
Corp: small to moderate size, not disappearing in the crowd but still having people to play with
Leadership: in touch with reality would be nice, but we’ll take transparency
Timezone: I’m EUTZ, but might from time to time slip into USTZ, and my friend is USTZ so presence is both would be a bonus
Bonus: solo dread runs

What we offer:
Experience: just about every activity in the game
Development: both personal and sharing our knowledge, newbro friendly
Eager PvP as long as the wallet allows
We also like fun and fowl play

I’m sure that I’ve missed things, feel free to contact me if you find something interesting or have questions
Fly safe

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We live in Syndicate and are looking to grow, our sov doesnt go anywhere cus we dont have any lol
Join ‘the flightdeck’ if you think we may be right for you, we wont really expect you to bring much if anything until you decided it was for you tbvh.

Fly dangerous o7

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Hey mate, I have sent over a piece of mail in-game with more details. I look forward from hearing back from you o7

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We live in Cloud Ring and are looking to grow, our sov doesn’t go anywhere cus we are a strong alliance and any attempts at our sov have switftly been fought back and defeated. Join “Aideron Robotics” if you think we may be right for you, we won’t really expect you to bring much if anything until you decided it was for you to be very honest.

Fly safe o7

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This sounds like a healthy corporation. I’d give you a shot if I were looking for a new home!

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I’m happy to inform that we’ve just started the process of joining a corp.
We’re grateful for all the invitations, it’s been a lot to consider.

Fly safe everyone o7

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