[INTVN] The intervention, Null sec PvP and PvE, EU/US tz


The Intervention is looking for more pilots to join the corporation to grow in size and also increase activity all around. We are a new corporation which in the last few months and have made leaps and bounds from not having any industrial section to now full on T2 and capital production.

We are based within Catch in null sec inside the alliance The Watchmen, and part of legacy. Which allows a great time for ratting/mining/PvP content with the current war going on as well.

The entry inside the corporation is having a good attitude and a keen mindset on improving yourself but also the corporation, as we will take any helpful information you may have.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • PvP fleets of all sizes
  • Ratting areas
  • Great exploration area
  • Moon mining opportunities

To Apply , join our public recruiting channel in-game, “Intervention Recruitment" or get into contact with myself or untervent.

Our discord is also: https://discord.gg/NnCayUj if you want to come and chat :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading,
Fly safe and hope you consider us. o7


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still looking for more active players who are interested inside null sec.

If your new or a vet we will have a chat and accept all and try to help where we can.

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Still looking for more pilots to join our null sec corporation.

Contact me in game, discord or on here to talk about joining.

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