[XLDED] Exiled Expendables Null Sec Recruiting

Hello pilot and thank you for taking time to read this message!

We are recruiting and have two variations available to join. First, is our Entry level corporation, Exiled Enterprises. You are invited to take your next steps in EVE with us in our Entry level non-wardecable corporation! You, the pilot, are the most valuable priority in EVE to any corporation. It is up to you where you want to invest time and with whom you want to fly with out in space. Make that choice with a group that knows will value your and our time, Exiled Enterprises.

If you are just in the beginning of your journey you may not know much about corporations at this time. However, joining a player corporation is one of the best things you can do in order to learn to play the game. Not only are the corporations able to help you out with your questions, there are a lot of different services and benefits the corporation can offer to you. And whats most important, you will be able to make some new friends.

Entry Level Corporation
The entry level corporation serves as the next step up from NPC starter corporations. In Exiled Enterprises, you have no mandatory operations or required play hours, you can simply play the game as you wish to play it. We will not harass you to join fleets, but they are a great way to get to know

Our entry level corporation is a war free corporation meaning you do not have to take part in any high sec war activities against your will!

If you want, you can participate in cross corporation operations in different areas of space such as taking part in PVE, PVP, mining and industry in most security areas. This way you are able to get a sneak peak of what different activities and content looks like without the need of dedicating yourself right away by joining a new corporation.

If you wish not to take part in any fleet or group activities, then that is your right as well. You can simply use this entry corporation as a social thing and keep on with your solo activities.

Our ultimate goal is to find you a corporation that matches your personal goals and gameplay needs in EVE. Once you have learned the basics and if you feel like it, we can offer you the opporunity to advance on to more dedicated corporations(To Be Determind) that are focusing on content not listed below

If you are undecided and/or have any questions, send me a message in game or ask here.

The services we offer our pilots:
■ Training programs and content for: PVP, PVE and Fleet Operations in High Sec space, Low Sec space, and Null Sec space.
■ Mining Fleets, Mission Fleets, Ratting Fleets, PVP Fleets are all possible at different times.
■ 6.9% corporation tax compared to 11% in your current NPC corporation. We do have minimal expenses to keep up with for our player base.
■ No wars similar to NPC corporations!
■ A chance to make new friends
■ Discord and TeamSpeak Coms
■ and much more…

What we require?
We do not require much from our new members. We are simply looking for new/old and US/EU time zone players in hopes to find the pilots that in time will be part of the core player group of our corporation(s). So in other words, we are giving you the chance to get to know us without any hard requirements and vice versa. Only thing we ask is when you apply, just put something in the body of the application explaining what your interested in doing. If you are a friendly and mature player who can understand English, you are good to go!

If all this sounds good to you and you want to give us a try, then search us up in game and click Apply to Join button. If for some reason we would not be the right corporation for you, feel free to leave at any time. We certainly hope you will give us a chance.

For those who are looking for something a little more structured and fully active in Null sec, Exiled Expendables is what you are looking for right now. There are regular fleets weekly for attack, defense and fun roams.

This corporation is part of a Null sec alliance and coalition that will provide endless opportunity for PvP. We have some good FC’s for fleets that really do happen almost daily. Our alliance controls a couple of constellations that provide opportunities for belt mining and moon mining with regular moon pulls in various systems. There is plenty of ratting to be had with upgraded SOV systems for anomalies, plus belt ratting.

We have a variety of opportunity for industry minded folks for PI and manufacturing. Our officers are ready and willing to assist with tips and help at every turn.

The null sec corp does have requirements to join fleets, but it won’t be hard to meet the criteria.

We need you pilot to protect our home systems in Null sec. Join us now to experience another level of EVE. Contact Mykos Darkcloud, Joe Harah or VOLVOEGREASEMONKEY in game for more information. You will not be disappointed.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this message, we look forward to flying with you.

Still looking for folks!

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