Exiled Recruitment

Hello pilot and thank you for taking time to read this message!

We are opening up an exciting opportunity to join a null sec corporation. We are part of an alliance and coalition involved in lots of pvp activity. This opportunity will include access to all null activities. You will be able to rat, run combat anomalies, mine moons and of course pvp action to your hearts content. We are looking for experienced pilots to join us in null sec to hold systems and help fight the enemies of the alliance and coalition. Are you ready for the challenge? Please send a message Mykos Darkcloud in game. I will follow-up with you as soon as I can to discuss questions and begin your application process.

Here is what we can offer:
■ Training, if needed, for PVP, PVE and Fleet Operations in Null Sec space.
■ Low corporation taxes compared to current NPC corporation taxes.
■ Daily PvP fleets at various times.
■ A chance to make new friends.
■ Discord and TeamSpeak Comms
■ and much more…

Are you looking for your first player corporation or are you looking for your next step in EVE? Consider joining Exiled Enterprises, our starter corporation. It is also part of an alliance in high security space. You will be able to join in on fleet mining and pve mission fleets.

If you are just in the beginning of your journey, you may not know much about player corporations at this time. However, joining a player corporation is one of the best things you can do in order to learn to play the game. Not only are the corporations able to help you out with your questions, there are a lot of different services and benefits the corporation can offer to you. And what’s most important, you will be able to make some new friends.

The entry level corporation serves as the next step up from NPC starter corporations. In Exiled Enterprises, you have no mandatory operations or required play hours, you can simply play the game as you wish to play it. We will not harass you to join fleets, but they are almost always open invites for lots of fun. So join Exiled Enterprises today to start enjoying EVE on another level.

The services Exiled Enterprises can offer its pilots:
■ Training and content for Mining and PVE Fleets. This may include some adventures into low security space and even null sec.
■ Mining Fleets, Mission Fleets, Ratting Fleets and some PVP Fleets are all possible.
■ 6.9% corporation tax compared to 11% in your current NPC corporation
■ No wars!!! The same as NPC corporations!
■ A chance to make new friends.
■ Discord and TeamSpeak Comms
■ and much more…

Our entry level corporation is a war free corporation meaning you do not have to take part in any high sec war activities against your will! If you wish not to take part in any fleet or group activities, then that is your right as well. You can simply use this entry corporation as a social thing and keep on with your solo activities.

Our ultimate goal is to find you a corporation that matches your personal goals and gameplay needs in EVE. Once you have learned the basics and if you feel like it, we offer you the ability to potentially advance into our ranks and on to more dedicated corporations(To Be Determined) that are focusing on content not listed below

If you are undecided and/or have any questions, please send Mykos Darkcloud an in game mail.

What we require?
We do not require much from our new members. We want pilots who can respect corporation members in spite of differences. We want pilots who can respect our enemies even if they are not respectful on the grid. We are looking for new or old pilots primarily USTZ to become core members of one or both our corporations. So join us today and see if we are a fit for you and we can see if you fit with us. no strings attached.

The only thing we ask is when you apply, just put something in the body of the application explaining what your interested in doing. If you are a friendly and mature player who can understand English, you are good to go! If all this sounds good to you and you want to give us a try, contact Mykos Darkcloud in game to begin the application process. We certainly hope you will give us a chance.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this message, we look forward to flying with you.

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