Newbro looking for Corporation

Hi everyone,

I’m a new player to EVE (just under 2M SP), and I’m enjoying my time with the game a lot. After reading more about the value that player-driven actions bring to the game, I am looking to get involved in a corporation.

Here are some more details about myself:

  • US Timezone, can play most weekends and evenings. Sometimes life requires that I not play on a particular day but if activities are scheduled I can definitely work to attend.

  • Very new to EVE. I have roughly 2M SP, and I typically have 15-20 EVE University Wiki tabs open throughout a play session. If my inexperience isn’t an issue that is great, but if it’s too soon to consider joining a corporation just let me know in a comment.

  • I’m very intrigued by Nullsec politics and the PVP around sovereignty in null. That said, being so new there is much of the universe I haven’t experienced, so I don’t want to narrow my focus too much while having not experienced it.

  • In games, I tend to gravitate towards playing support roles. If any corporations are looking for people to play Logistics or a support function I would be happy to do so. That said, the point from the earlier bullet applies here too, so I am generally open to try anything in the game.

Let me know based on the information I’ve provided if I might fit in with your activities in game. If you have any feedback or recommendations based on my details I welcome it in the comments as well.

Thanks for reading!

If you can show determination and a willingness to learn and do PVP, then check our corporation. We are a small corp within a broad alliance. Our aim is community, fun and PVP.

The corp I am in is recruiting, Null Sec North.

We are an IRL-first group. We don’t have any mandatory operations, we are more interested in folks who want to hang out rather than folks who feel obliged to do so.

We do lots of mining, industry, exploration, and PvE. Some folks are into PvP but its not my thing so I don’t know much about that branch.
Our motto is “mistakes were made” and we are all about the high-stakes game. We want to make sure we can afford to sustain ourselves, but we measure ourselves by how much fun we are having instead of how much ISK we make. We also have a variety of skill levels in our corp, from fairly newbros to capital pilots.

If you are interested definitely hit us up in game. We are happy to jump into high-sec and do a few ops with recruits to see if we would be a good fit together. In the past we fit up some cheap frigates and run abyssals with the newbros, but we are up for whatever.

Hey Wonax,

I think our corp will be useful for you as a spring-board to other, different things. We are a industry corp with some inclination towards PvP, but the reason I think we would be a great fit is because we often come in close contact with other corps that are null or WH space.

Have a read over our thread, and if you think we have a fit reach out by Eve mail


Hey man, got a discord ID? Would like to add you and have a chat.

ingame mail sendt from us, New Eden Police Force :sunglasses:

Hey Wonax,

Were still recruiting, looking for new, returning and experienced players.

Check out my link, i think its potentially a good match for you!

What do we offer:
A very friendly, easy going group of people :slight_smile:
RL comes first
Already >20 members
Multiple timezones
Safe playing in High sec mostly mining, fun roams, competitions and more
Our own Structures!
A real energy to generate corp isk, because we will share the wealth with you!

Drop myself or Terrus Askiras a mail ingame.


Stop by and have a chat, we might be a good fit for you. I think we have everything you’re looking for.

Hey all, thank you so much for replying to this thread! I’ve found a corporation, and I appreciate all of the positive comments and interest.

Thanks again!



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