Mining Changes?

So, like most of you, I got this email about “New Dawn Quadrant”, saying that this New Dawn is now live. But it seems it’s not really happening yet. I followed the link and so far it’s just blah blah blah marketing rhetoric. Supposedly “You’ll be able to read up on all of these exciting updates, as well as get a peek at what the road to prosperity looks like, in a detailed dev blog coming this Friday!”

Is that all anyone knows so far?


You will be given a new ship, there will be a robotic arm on the end of that ship on which there will be a tea spoon, you will mine with that and you will be happy about it.


The robotic arm also requires an activation cost of 1 plex for each cycle.


I don’t know if he’s just trying to be cute, or if he’s a pessimistic bitter vet. But either way, I consider it to be a bad prediction.

So, how about I try making some better ones.

  • First, I think we might see some sort of dynamic redistribution system with ore (i.e. mining a lot in one area will cause less ore to spawn). There are different ways you could make it work, but this is something that CCP has talked about before (and continues the same design philosophy as the DBS).
  • Second, they might make mining command ships worse at mining, increase their boosting abilities, and/or increase the mining ability of barges and exhumers, so that command ships are used more for boosting fleets, than for being the primary workhorses of fleets.
  • Third, I think they’ll try to make moon mining great again. I haven’t heard them say anything specifically about this, but it is my understanding that moon mining is in need of some love.
  • Finally, no matter what happens, players will complain.

Oh, and Sol thinks that they won’t make mining ships any harder to gank, but I’m not as confident as he is. So, here’s hoping. Personally, I’d rather see their reward increased than their risk (and my content) reduced.
No P2W


I’m hoping basic ores will make it back into moon belts. But that they will keep the new area resitrictions.

eg: Nocx and Iso only in low etc.

This is one thing I think will be hard, particularly for hs. I don’t really want to see full ABC moons come back and the like. That definitely wasn’t healthy. However they need to add something to make some moons in hs worth fighting over. In the old system there were a wide variety in moon values including some that were simply far superior. This lead to people actually fighting to control them.

Currently you have a combination of the same 4 ores and while there are still moons better than others the range is smaller and there is a higher supply of the higher valued ones eliminating the need to fight over them.


Gas and , I think?, moon ores will be compressible.

They have also already said in a dev blog that they are creating new specialized holds for ice and gas only. In the ecosystem outlook they also said they want every mining ship to have a unique role.

These two things lead me to believe they will make a barge for ice, a barge for gas, and one for ore.

They also said “balanced suvivability” for mining ships, so I really doubt they will be a “tanky one” anymore for barges and exhumers.

If you are a pessimist it means all barges get the tank of a retriever, I guess they might fall somewhere in the middle range, but I really doubt all three will get up to where Procurers and their exhumer counterparts are now.

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Ore is dirt cheap right now.

The roadblock to capital building is all the stupid stuff needed to build things like the Capital Core Temperature Regulator which is over three billion a piece to build, let alone up to 5B to buy last I checked.

And that regulator is one component needed. The rest add another few billion on top. All to build a freighter that sells for 3.5 to 4.25B

No guys. It’s not the ore that’s scarce. It’s everything else.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Also there was a CSM member a month ago or so on one of the eve podcasts who said if we are thinking about how they are going “buff” or “nerf” mining ships we are thinking too small.

They like deleted all the bonuses and stats, etc, from all the mining ships and redid them completely. The only thing that will probably be the same are the ship models.

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A lot of that stuff comes from moon ore. If not from pi.

It’s also not really that the materials are scarce but rather that the BP requirements are artificially high to inhibit the construction of capitals until scarcity ends.

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I hear they’re finally adding invulnerability cores to mining barges! Finally some welcome news!

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I could see something like the Assault DC if nothing else. That way active pilots can reduce the odds of getting ganked but AFK miners cant.


The only difference between an active miner and an AFK miner is so small as to be of interest to none but the dedicated nano-scientist…

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The interest is high enough that people have been complaining about the “AFK Orca” since the start of this talk about changing how they work.

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I speak, of course, from the point of view of a retired ganker. I speak as I found.

My understanding is that discussions about Orca changes often revolve around that vessel’s role - intended or otherwise. In that sense, naturally, a ganker is merely an armchair-observer, Lugues.

Expecting any Highsec pilot of a mining vessel to do the sensible (possibly costly) thing, in order to defend his/her tools - well, I applaud your optimism (while trying to stifle an irrepressible sigh…).

Sorry it was a joke, though I have to say with a slight touch of irony about it. Still I think CCP has to step back and do something.

I think your suggestions are sound. But my biggest issue is all this new stuff introduced since I took a year break, I used to make my own capital ships in the main as long term projects to keep me interested and I don’t think I can push myself to even make the effort, hell I can’t even push myself to make BS’s.

In truth I think some of the mining ships are too easy to gank, but then again I like to be hard to kill so I just like the Skiff rather a lot because of that.

I think this is where I am, but I say that as someone who just did it every so often.

The idea of having to move the ore from a processing bay to the ore bay would work well, perhaps the Orca could do compression and lose the mining drones…, anyway.

I await with interest, it might make me decide to look at the BPO’s , PI, gas, oh god I just put myself off it again…, I guess I am too casual, ugh.

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Maybe you should try ganking? I hear that’s a fun activity.


I would love to see some new hulls or reason to fly different ships, but unfortunately mining has always seemed like the red headed step child of Eve.

We don’t “need” variety and utility because “asteroids don’t shoot back”. One of the big things I liked about the current Orca design is that we finally got a ship that combined mining and drones (as the primary mining tool), two of my favorite things in Eve.

My only real concern is that we will take a step back in available hull variety with the removal of drone mining and the reverting of hull roles back to resource types.

Actually I have already ganked with Lucas, gankers scouts make a nice sound when they blow up.

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I mean real ganking, like the kind that makes coin and cures your erectile dysfunction.