Skiff Ungankable?

So I’m trying to save up some ISK and mine in high-sec, but I’ve now lost two Mackinaws. To be fair they weren’t fit at all for defense. I’ve now swapped to an actual fit Skiff to passively mine.
Do gankers generally skip over Skiffs, or am I still going to be a target?

What system will you be mining in? I’m sure @Aiko_Danuja will skip past.


It is harder to kill a skiff. There’s an old chart that may be out of date that gives a range of 9 to 26 catalysts to kill a tanked skiff as opposed to only 3 to 7 for a mackinaw. Being as even 26 catalysts will probably come in at under the 200 million isk value of your ship, I think some people would still be satisfied with inflicting a greater loss on you than they suffer themselves.

The only thing stopping them from doing so will be the technical difficulty of execution (ie assembling the number of bodies required). The more expensive your modules are, the more likely you are to die in a fireball and have those modules stolen from you.

Will you die less often? Probably. Will you still die? Probably. Not much substitute for playing the game to get an edge on your opponents. If you’re not there and they are, you’re probably going to lose no matter what you’re flying.


On the other hand, if you’re ATK no reason to use a skiff, use a hulk instead.

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No ship is ungankable, but if you choose the right ship and fit it won’t be gankable for profit.

The Skiff has enough defences when fit well, so is not a preferred gank target, but that still doesn’t make it ‘ungankable’.


Similar to the joke about being chased by a bear, you don’t have to be the fastest, just don’t be the slowest.

If you mine in fields where softer targets are? yeah most gankers will take the easy meat.



The Mack is a lovely ship in terms of it’s look, lines and design, but from a purely practical point of view it’s a bit too damm easy for gankers to blow up. To be fair it’s not quite as bad as the Hulk, but the Skiff is definitely a better choice of mining platform.

I could be reading in between the lines inaccurately here (and f I am, then please accept my apologies) but that sounds dangerously close to a plan to mine afk.

If you choose to mine afk in Eve then you are pretty much guaranteeing your own destruction, sooner or later, because gankers love this kind of target.

Ultimately all ships in Eve, and this includes the Skiff, are vulnerable and even more so if the pilot/miner isn’t watching what’s going on in local and checking D-Scan, etc.

In addition to the risk of losing a fairly expensive mining platform, afk mining, in the minds of many (including me - and I’m mostly a miner) is fairly bad form and it gives all miners a bad name. Some people regard it as cheating, which I think is possibly a fair point of view.

Please don’t do it.

Gankers do, sometimes skip Skiffs, and other ships too, but this is more likely to happen if they think that there’s a conscious and alert miner at the controls.

The minute you undock in Eve you are a target.

Flying a properly tanked Skiff will not change this fact, but it might buy you some time if you’re awake, aware and at the controls. If won’t however if you’re afk.



Skiff is much harder to gank but still can be a target because exhumers are kinda shiny.
A well-tanked proc is more likely to mine unmolested.


I concur, unless I get really bored.

That sounds pretty much to AFK mine, wich is literally not playing. You don´t need a Skiff for not-playing.


Skiffs are gankable, but it’s easier to find other targets than to put enough Catalysts on a properly fit Skiff.

protip : you need 3-4 times less talos than cats

Yes, but how many times cheaper is a Catalyst?

I’d save a Talos for a stupidly expensively fit missioning Rattlesnake or something.

And that is the issue. The catalysts are too cost effective.


This is not a problem.

AFK mining mean you are not so mindful about efficiency, you probably will be better on properly tanked Procurer.


While I am sure there is at least a small number of people looking to gank the weakest targets, I think it unwise to assume this is generally the case.

Gankers are looking for 3 things:

  1. People who make poor risk assessments (ie Overestimate the safety of highsec).
  2. People who offend their sensibilities (ie AFK gameplay, thin skin, or provoking them with empty boasts).
  3. To teach (by fire) that highsec is not safe and discourage the above two points.

The most desirable target will probably be the most egregious violator of the above principles. EHP may delay the outcome, which is a definite benefit, but it will not prevent it indefinitely.


4, including money.

  1. Including fat ZKB entry :sweat_smile:

Ungankable? H$LL NO! Risk VS Reward, stay in Procurer! No gankers don’t skip anything, heck they might not even kill the weaker or target the weaker ship over a Skiff.