New lore site coming up!


A new storytelling hub, EVE Universe, launches on 11 November! Replacing the current fiction portal, EVE Universe will offer an extensive repository of the stories and lore behind the game. As for the stories themselves, you can expect richer narratives and plenty of intrigue as New Eden continues to flourish in the future. Who knows what tales await?

Beyond EVE Universe, you can also look forward to a new EVE lore-inspired series, coming in December in partnership with some old friends.


This is a good sign, at least they are willing to create more content (does anyone remember when was the last chronicle released?)


Yeah, don’t get your hopes up. Lets see what arrives and how half baked it is.

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There are details CCP has not yet revealed about the new site. I agree with Chan’aar to wait and see first how it will work.

I assume it will use the same login as the normal forums.

I wonder if the old stories will be kept, automatically moved… or deleted? I hope not the latter.

I hope it will remember progress like the forums does, so that a person can continue reading where they stopped, and see what is newly added.

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I am currently in the process of translating fiction into Japanese, so I strongly hope to keep the fiction that already exists now.


To me it looks as if the new site is a redesigned version of the old website (

Articles seems to be categorized slightly better and a bit easier to navigate - at least from my impression.

Looks like it does not affect the Fiction Portal and Player Fiction sections of the current forums. Which honestly is a relief that things did not get deleted or messed up.

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In addition to the old fiction portal the new one incorporates information from EVE Source and the in-universe world news, and has a a search function that covers all of that. This is a HUGE improvement. Thank you CCP. <3


It is good that they included the world news. I often missed some of the news articles because they were in a separate place and I forgot to check there often. Easier now. :slight_smile:


Well, my word, it seems that there are people at CCP who can do things right, colour me shocked.

Couple of things @CCP_Delegate_Zero

What about the Chronicles that were “lost” when the previous Fiction portal appeared? have they been recovered?

What about the Chronicles that are in the old EON magazines?


I like the new EVEUniverse site, what are the new additions to the Lore section?
I think the Lore section has increased from 786 to 800 items.

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The additional items that now I know about are four articles of the corporations of the Four Empires and an article about AIR.

Sorry for my poor English.

For the old “evelopedia” chrons that slipped through various cracks, we fully intend to restore these. It’s a known quantity and will be worked on.

For EON, that’s more difficult because, just being as forthright as I can be, the rights issues are more complex. We’ll see. But I make no promises.



That is like the most information we have received on that topic in living memory so thanks.

I’m guessing uploading them to somewhere on the internet would be frowned upon.

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FYI there is now an official discussion thread up for the Fiction Portal o7


Looks p.good so far. :+1:

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On several pages, the heading styles are not working. Should I report on such pages individually?

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