CCP: Your players are hungry for lore

Hey CCP lore guys,

I started EVE in 2009. I was “off and on”. Got serious about the game in late 2011. You know what got me really hooked on the game? Reading “The Empyrean Age” and seeing how the things in the game (Factional Warfare, Incursions, Sleepers/Jove) all tied into a massive, arcing storyline - and feeling like I was somehow a part of it. As I continued to play (through the real “summer of rage”), you guys began to do more with the lore, releasing “Scope” videos about various in-game events and player actions. Things began to slow a bit but then the Drifters content came out and things got exciting, and now we’re in a bit of a lull. And that’s okay. We always have lulls inbetween times of lore cuz you need to develop the game and the stories.

But now we’re getting Upwell structures (storyline with ORE, Serpentis, and SOE) which are tied to Drifters annnnd people are talking more about “New Space”. This is a really exciting time and the playerbase (the ones who aren’t raging over Rorqual changes) are poised in anticipation.

I think another book (a mainline book, like Templar One was, not a sideline book like Burning Life) is in order. There’s some cool stuff with Rogue Drones on the horizon I think. But it feels like storylines never get closure. Give us more lore. :smiley: We love your story.


I read the chronicles every other week. Always looked foward to them.

Now the´re coming what? Twice a year?

Not everything need to be connected to the current storyline, sometimes just describing things non-capsuleer involved is such a nice thing. Like the one where an Amarr clown/show host got his kids kidnapped by Minmatar extremists that would return them if he quit the show, but he considered it his gods work so he left his own kids to die so he could bring the word to many other kids.

I really liked it when i could get a sense of what the universe was like.


Little details about day-to-day life in New Eden are the bestest.


Agreed, I always enjoyed the worldbuilding stuff that was about baseliners more than capsuleers.


I was going through the expanded information for the Ni-Kunni bloodline. Amazing stuff. Would love to see further expansions of other bloodlines.

Aside from that, we’ve had so many lore developments in the past few years focused on and around the Amarr Empire. It would be nice to see some interesting developments in the Republic.


The more the merrier. The Eve universe is by far one of the most thought provoking and in depth sci-fi settings out there. There’s a ton out there in the form of books and comics etc. The actual lore site is off to a good start, it would be great if they were able to incorporate some of the old Eve wiki information that’s already been written to flesh it out a bit more.


Hi everybody,

I’m sure most are aware, but there is something you, capsuleers, can do.

ISD:NEC (New Eden Correspondents) is always looking for more people with an interest in EVE’s backstory, and ongoing things in New Eden (both capsuleer-generated as well as not). While I cannot guarantee that that means that every random idea that you might have will eventually make it into the Fiction Portal, for us, as a team, it does mean that having more people means we can take on bigger projects (like writing chronicles ).

For those who are reluctant to join, giving us (and by us I mean both CCP as well as ISD) feedback on the things that are here will allow us to get a better insight in the issues you feel important.

If you have any questions regarding ISD:NEC, feel free to shoot me an evemail, though mind that I am not in my capsule on a daily basis, so replies might take a while. In addition, I also frequent the “Out Of Character” official channel to act as a point of contact for the greater lore community.


Feedback: this is an OOC forum, we’re not capsuleers and you don’t have a capsule. :stuck_out_tongue:

That nitpick aside, good to hear.


Does your team regularly publish or update articles in the Lore section of the Fiction portal? To be honest, the last thing I noticed from the NEC team (formerly “Mercury”?) was the “Sunset” chronicle last year, and then one contribution in the Interstellar Correspondents channel this year. But it’s very possible that I just don’t look at the right places.

If the team works on the Lore articles it would be really nice if the Fiction portal had some kind of News page or a feed of most recently changed or added articles. Otherwise it’s hard to even notice that something has happened in the Lore library.


I agree that the lore as of late has been a bit lacking beyond the smatterings of it for events which seem, well, forced. I miss the days where there were major lore incidents which actually led to meaningful events that actually had pilots interacting to help forge said lore events in the history of New Eden.

But another way to look at it, each pilot creates their own lore, their own history and their own legacy. There are several very well-written blogs that pilots write that help increase the breadth and depth of immersion into the community we have all come to have a love/hate relationship with. While not every pilot is a roleplayer, we all have a role to play.

Start a blog, write your own lore, share your stories with the community. These stories even while unrelated are all part of a very intricate web of events that make this community amazing.


I would certainly like to write for the ISD but focusing on the Sani Sabik (read not Blood Raiders) as there seems to be a community of Role Players seeking for more lore and knowledge of that front.

Amarr Lore in general should have their darker reflection shown in equal light as their compatriots.


Hi Kogilla

Where did you find the new information on the Ni-Kunni.


I’m not sure where Kogilla found Ni-Kunni resources but you can check out the Backstage Wiki article as a fairly broad point of reference.


Thanks. That’s a lot more information than on the site.

The Scooe updates are missed :slightly_frowning_face:

I remember where there was conflict kicking up between the Caldari and Gallente in Scope news.

It all dried up all of a sudden. :disappointed:

You dirty necrofile

Still waiting for:

-Articles to include the original “world news” (The Scope without videos). **
-This alternative to closing down a very damn good wiki
-Recompiling the artwork and chronicles of EON
-Rectifying all the inconsistent lore in-game now that they’ve finished wiping away Empyrean Age’s primary characters.

**Highlighted because this is such a damn simple task. And the fact that months later it still hasn’t happened just proves no-one really cares.


The Fiction Portal is still actively being worked on. We don’t really keep a public list of what items have changed when, but there have been dozens of pages updated in this month alone.

However, as you point out, there is still a lot of work to do. We (ISD:NEC) are first focusing on cleaning up most of the documents from the old evelopedia, where each document is worked through both in terms of content as well as references to other pages.
At the same time we are also working on elaborating some pages, adding new pages where information was missing, as well as our normal efforts in lore building.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to assist with that, feel free to apply to the New Eden Correspondents.
If you have any questions regarding ISD, becoming ISD, or other ISD or FP-related things, feel free to prod me via evemail. In addition, I sometimes hang out in the “Out of Character” channel while I assist ISD:STAR in the help channels. You can always give me a poke in there.


I just looked and the application is down for NEC team. the other teams are still up but nec and star are closed atm.

They’ve had a “recruitment freeze” for a couple of months now, with an implication that it’ll be reopened after some Important Things have happened.