Lore of EVE Suggestions for CCP from the Community


I thought of starting a topic with suggestions on what people would like to see on http://fiction.eveonline.com

Hopefully this will encourage more lore from CCP.

I would like to see a story about some InterBus employees making stellar charts. Maybe from the time InterBus was formed or something more current.

Anyone have something they would love to see?


I’d like to see more novels. The ones made were not great literary art, but I enjoyed them.

Whoever was the main antagonist in the one with korvin leers I think it was. The dealer or something who had figured out a huge advancement in cloning or stumbled upon.

He was decaying due to a flaw, but did manage to clone himself to look like the admiral who smashed the carrier into the station in caldari space.

I guess it was assumed his flaw caused him to not be cloned and basically melt, but his memories and consciousness were stored in a computer somewhere…


CCP could make oodles of isk with picking up a thing or two from how those Perry Rhodan authors made a killing in Asia where it comes to lore. Never underestimate the power of a niche combined with vested consumption patterns.


The Broker suffered from some sort of progressive genetic degradation which his cloning couldn’t stop. Vitoc would have cured him but the Caldari CEO who developed the stuff wouldn’t sell because he worried the Broker would hand it off to the Amarr (Vitoc being the cure for the Amarrians’ behavioral modification drugs they use on their slave population).

IIRC his cloning tech was pretty standard, just that he broke all kinds of CONCORD regulations by being in multiple clones at once.

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Well I read it maybe 5-6 yrs ago. I read lots and recollection of books read in 2 days is dim.
So yeah, some fresh would be nice.

Information on location of the Minmatar Elders :smiley:


But it was an unknown sleeper technology that allowed the use of multiple clones, really, splitting your consciousness.
Felt like the authors touched on the sleeper piece without too much effort.
The Jovian science vessel and its pilot near the eve gate uncloaking Terran technology was a tease also I thought in the last chapter.

Where’s the weapon Jamyl used to use the enemy ships own shields to tear it apart? The white abbadon.
Some stated info may be blurry due to time…

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It would be nice to split the consciousness of your main so you didn’t need to train alts.

The Abaddon with the weapon was docked next to a structure covered in rogue drones which were collecting Isogen-V. When the Lakat-Hro caravan blew this up, it simultaneously blew the other Isogen-V caches across the cluster and rippped open wormhole space :slight_smile: This all came from the "End of the World" Chronicles.


Well, dementia hasn’t totally kicked in yet.

I like more lore about baseliner life on the worlds.


How about the eve wormhole reopens…terran solar system is only available to explore, humans are long extinct…or something. t8 stuff ffs!

I think whatever happened on the other side of the Eve Gate should still be left a mystery.

As for baseliner life, it is going to help alot for roleplaying since most capsuleers came from the baseliner demographic. Knowing how they lived, ate, shat and do their business, the kind of worlds they live on, etc. will help to further enrich the setting of New Eden, not to mention assist roleplayers in forming a much better idea on how their characters would relate to baseliners and the sort of background they can hail from.


As much as it feels like a cop out, you could legitimately justify almost anything as backstory in a setting like New Eden as long as you give your character a reasonable connection to get into the Alpha or Omega clone programs.

New Eden has billions on billions of people living all around the star system in a myriad of environments (many not even on a planet!) with an almost random assortment of technology. It’s not unfeasible that a paperboy from the slums of a Gallente backwater makes friends with the right people and has enough cunning and business sense to worm his way into a capsuleer position over the course of, say, a couple decades. It’s a one in a billion thing, but pretty much all capsuleers are one in a billion to start with.


Agreed. I think that is something that should never be completely explained - but I wouldn’t mind some tantalizing clues on for example what broke the gates originally.

I think the original lore is pretty strict in this regard, with the Omega/Alpha clones I’m not sure how things stand. The “first generation” of capsuleers had to endure rigorous training, both physical and mental, had to be exceptionally smart, physically fit (not have certain hereditary diseases, certain genetic marker making them compatible for the capsule) and many many other variables in a process that at the very least takes 5 years, 7-8 would be more common, which even then would not guarantee success in not wetgraving - and it was so prohibitively expensive that typically most capsuleers were either military or from prestigious government funded institutes - so that is what made them one in a billion, originally.

I assume the new omega-alpha cloning is somekind of evolution to the older technology and today really just about any schmuck can become a capsuleer.

EDIT: I think the oldest player capsuleers are infact 2nd gen capsuleers? There were capsuleers before, but they didn’t have the same immortality originally that we did. The Alpha clones are the third generation, if I’ve understood correctly. Of course this can be theoretically stretched that Jove were the first gen and so on.


I would like to see the conflict that arrives bet
ween the classes of Capuleers. The old guard (omega) would be fighting tooth and nail to preserve their power and wealth, while the alphas would be grappling with both their new powers and trying to break the monopoly that the Omega now process. I would also like to see what the criterias are for a normal to turn into an alpha; is the limit based on cost,availability of process,moral/religious reservations, etc. What is preventing even more alpha class Capsuleers from “flooding the market”?


I think the suggestions raised here are great, hence the likes…best I can do. The alpha clone spike has passed and we need to constantly bring new ideas to the table from a lore perspective.

I definitely don’t want to hear about this james whoever and his band of lemmings and their unhealthy worship of a false idol. That’s just silly and in the realm of children’s games. That crap is ruining the game imo.

The dealer’s advanced cloning technology idea could be expanded upon and a profit maker for ccp. Imagine being able to clone your clone with same sp or split between 2 or 3 as 3 slots are available. I suppose skill injectors did this, so maybe the point is moot.

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The Gallente Federation is a representative democracy composed of several semiautonomous states in a pluralistic union.

Are there articles about these states, and how their union is organized? Is it merely the Senate sending hundreds of representatives per state? What is the history of these states, and how much semiautonomy do they exercise?

Also I’m having trouble with Federal political thought that isn’t either liberal democrat or facist. There have to be more nuanced schools of thought in a nation of 20000000000000.

Also also, I suppose there are far too many elections for CCP to detail. Maybe a collection of past news articles on these would be good.


There’s actually quite a lot available on at least the bureaucracy of how the Federation government works. There is the Government of the Gallente Federation article, the List of Voter Blocs, the Franchise System article, and the Democracy in the Gallente Federation article.

What is mainly missing is individual descriptions of smaller member states. There’s nice racial articles on the Jin-Mei and Intaki, and especially the ethnic Gallente (Society, Culture, History), and individual cities with Caille and Hueromont. But basically none on individual systems/planets for states smaller than the racial level. That would be certainly nice to have, for the Federation and for most of the empires really (Minmatar clans, smaller Caldari corporations and what general life is like on Caldari worlds, etc).