Lore of EVE Suggestions for CCP from the Community

(Khergit Deserters) #21

I’d like to know more about terraforming, and the plants and animals that live in New Eden. We have ships named Hawk, but are there hawks in New Eden? It seems there could be. Since if you’re going to terraform a pristine alien planet, you’d have to introduce DNA. And that would have to be imported from Terra, you wouldn’t find it in New Eden. (Unless it was from a fedo or a long-limbed roe or whatever it is. Those are the only native New Eden species I think there are. Slaver Hounds could be native or a genetics invention-- hard to know). We do know that there is Wheat, Tobacco, and Wine in New Eden. The former two have to be Terran imports. So it would seem that DNA was imported from Terra.

In any event, it’s hard to envision life on a New Eden planet and set a story in the setting, with little information about what grows and lives there. Even if there was just more information about how terraforming worked, we could extrapolate from there.

(Teinyhr) #22

Terraforming is a slow process as far as I know, and based on pretty much the same things that we have theories about (like using ice comets to seed water etc) but can’t do because of our limited techonology. But, despite passing references like mentions about the ancient history of Caldari Prime I don’t think there’s been many examples of terraforming in the modern day of New Eden. What is pretty much certain though, is that there is no Star Trek like Genesis Devices (i.e. “instant habitable planet, just add protomatter”). So, terraforming lore would certainly be welcome.

As for animals and plants, some have certainly survived the passage of time, like wheat. But I think the description for the Wolf assault frigate says that it has been named after a mythical beast. Then again the Hel mothership description mentions sharks (said to be indigenous to Matar) and hornets. So, some animals seem to exist and others dont. I’ve seen that roleplayers at least tend to assume for simplicitys sake that many normal animals exist, like panthers, cats, dogs and such - of course, maybe a New Eden cat isn’t actually a cat at all, who knows.

(Cassandra Habalu) #23

Something that involves the naming of the locations of some/all of the Ni-Kunni enclaves that apparently exist within the Federation. That they exist appears to be canon, but as far as I can tell nobody has stated exactly where they are beyond there being one in Solitude (correct me if I’m wrong).

I could go ahead and name them myself in the process of doing some more fanfic on my blog, but then who says it’s definitive?

Or am I making it canon just by going ahead and being the first to do it?

(Samira Kernher) #24

With regard to animals in New Eden: http://wiki.eve-inspiracy.com/index.php?title=Flora_and_fauna_(NPCs)

(Isser Hofi) #25

If you have the time and wish to I think you should. I don’t think CCP will be giving us anymore information soon.

(Kam Spalko) #26

Hi there, just adding my random suggestion to this.

I havn’t played the game for very long, but am interested in my faction/empires lore and history. I’m a Minmatar character from Sebiestor tribe.

It appears that the chief of Karin Midular of the Sebiestor tribe was assasinated and her neice Acassa Midular succeeded her as new Sebiestor tribe chief. However in the game when I look at the NPC Sebiestor tribe corp, Karin Midular is still the reigning CEO.

So my suggestion is that if it is canon lore that Karin Midular was assasinated and someone new is in her position. Can the CEO of the NPC Sebiestor tribe be updated to reflect the changing state of Minmatar’s politics? (For RP reason’s ect)

(Teinyhr) #27

This has been brought up before, and as I understand it is difficult to do because of legacy code or something, at least that’s the excuse we’ve gotten with the other leaders staying long after they’ve been dead. Personally and because I’m a bittervet I think it’s just because CCP doesn’t care about the Minmatar lore as much as the Caldari or the Amarr.

(Samira Kernher) #28

The same problem currently affects the Amarr as well. Emperor Family is still listing Jamyl Sarum, and the heir families are still listing the now-dead heirs.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #29

I definitely wouldn’t mind more modern New Eden terraforming lore.

(Tavin Aikisen) #30

I want all the chronicles and artwork from the EON Magazine added to that fiction section. Those magazines were released in digital formats. So they must be archived somewhere. There is some seriously eye opening content there, some of it even takes place in terrestrial locations which really helps you appreciate what goes on outside our spaceships!

(Teinyhr) #31

Oh, something that came up in another discussion, if CCP is ever going to do something like the “Frigates of EVE” again - I’d very much like to see “Industrials of EVE” - the often overlooked cogs that keep everything in EVE turning. Freighters, mining barges, smaller cargo vessels and their T2 variants.

And basicly “Cruisers and up to but not including capitals of EVE” would be pretty much “frigates of eve” but bigger.

(terzho) #32

Definately more on baseliner life. More worldbuilding and stories of life in the stations and the cities etc.

(Teinyhr) #33

Btw, regarding what was discussed above, gotta give some kudos to CCP as the Amarr now have proper head for the Emperor Family corporation (Holy Empress Catiz), and Sebiestor Tribe now has Acassa Midular as their chief, AFAIK these came with the newest updates.