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I would love to learn more about eve lore and I know and agree its a huge amount of informative and detailed write ups and resources on the interwebs but I will be 100% honest… I “can” read but i have the attention span of a goldfish, I truly appreciate the youtubers who take time out to create vids, its helped me learn allot, but if someone or group is willing to read/record existing articles and even release them as podcasts that we can subscribe to, I am sure many in my shoes would greatly appreciate it!

I want to contribute to the community by way of art but my challenge to learn/understand the backstories is hindered by my ability to focus on reading anything for too long :sweat_smile:

Edit: basically convert existing text articles/stories to audio like a mini audiobook.

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You are looking for The EVE Reader Podcast.


exactly what i wanted… thanks!

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Is Zendane planning to release new episodes? Loved the podcast, but finished all the episodes released so far. Would be fantastic to hear arcs like Black Mountain in podcast format!

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Bump. Really loved Zendane’s work.

I’m currently trying to lobby potential CSM members to consider advocating that CCP partner with Worldanvil.com. There is an embedded audio element there that is useful for pronunciation.
Meanwhile, there is nothing stopping you from opening a free account at worldanvil.com to contain all your unique perspectives on the lore of EVE.
Just be sure to message me so I can have a look.

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