Audio or Podcast for Lore/Chronicles?

So I’m super big into Podcasts and Audio books. I’ve listened to all the Eve books and Andrew Groens “Empires of Eve”. I love all the eve podcasts, but at the moment there are only 2 I know of and they all cover CURRENT events and patches etc…

So my question here is are there any Podcasts or such, current or archived, that read the Lore and Chronicles? The fiction of Eve? I love that there is so much but I cant sit and read off a screen. My eyes don’t like it for long periods unfortunately. I also drive like 10+ hours a week and listien to Podcasts while at work. I’d LOVE to dive into the Lore during those times.


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That said, I’ll respond here to you @Holly_Kleric - there’s a really fantastic project by Zendane, “Eve Reader”, where he has audio-book style readings of the majority of EVE’s Chronicles:

You can also go back and listen to different podcasts like the Hydrostatic Podcast from quite a while back, we did a lot of long-form discussion on lore surrounding the Drifters and all sorts of other things.

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My mistake. Thanks for the info tho!

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