New Podcast: BROWNCOAT Chronicles

I’ve launched a podcast and hope fellow space nerds like it.

BROWNCOAT Chronicles

Please share, subscribe, and feedback is welcome!
— Mal


Nice work, Captain. It’s not my kind of thing, but I wish you every success!

Don’t be surprised if the thread gets pushed to ‘My Eve’, where it will attract fewer views. But perhaps you figured that already. Good luck!

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No, I didn’t think about it getting moved anywhere. I honestly didn’t know exactly where to post this so I made a ‘best guess’ and ran with it.

Thanks so much for the like and support! First few episodes are a bit rough, but they will get better. I do want it to sound/feel like a “live radio” kind of show.


Well, I listened to both episodes. I’m not familiar with podcasts as I’m old so couldn’t give you 5 stars like you asked but have bookmarked the page because I enjoyed it while driving home from work.

Your voice is very fitting for this kind of thing so if by chance you want to get a copy of Deathstalker by Simon R Green (my fave space series) and record yourself reading it I’d 100% listen to that. :stuck_out_tongue:

But in the mean time I’ll keep up with your episodes. Interested to see how your challenge goes.


Thank you so much for the compliment! I haven’t heard of that book but will look it up. Who knows, maybe I’ll remake my career into a voice actor. LOL

Thanks so much for the follow! Share with all your space-nerd friends too.


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Don’t mock it, Captain. That’s what I did. I started out doing odd bits of stuff for EVE ganking folk and a one-off for the EVE Chronicles, then, when I retired early and had a bit of time on my hands, I paid for some pro training and took to the waves.

But there’s a lot of folks out there doing this, especially established actors and student performers. Also, I couldn’t be too choosy, so it was mostly adverts and commercial instructional/educational work. It is acting, so if you’re happy to take direction and have some interest in doing that, maybe look into it.

There’s also Audiobook work, which is a big thing right now. Amazon (Audible) is well-known, but there are other companies offering both fiction and non-fiction work. I should have mentioned that you’ll probably need an agent. The up-side is that, with the right equipment you can set up at home, attach your finished piece to an email and send it off without ever having seen the inside of a studio!

I no longer do voice acting, but if you’re temperamentally suited; why not?

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Ummm . . . yeah. Equipment isn’t the problem. :smiley:

Hell, maybe I will look into it. Thank you for the feedback and support.


This week’s episode “sneak peak” - drops THURSDAY!

Screenshot 2024-06-24 193521

Thank you to everyone who has listened to #3 so far and are supporting the podcast!

While I was on vacation Episode #4 “TWO WOLVES” dropped! I hope you are enjoying the show so far. Moving forward it will focus more on storytelling.

Browncoat Chronicles Podcast ← LINK TO SHOW

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After a much needed vacation, Browncoat Chronicles returns this week with the introduction of “Tales from Taz”.

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